If you have the choice to do whatever you want for today,

Where you can enjoy yourself in happy moments, living the life you want you to have.

You can sleep or wake up whenever you want, being able to travel anywhere, spending more time with family, eating the good dish that you probably don’t know how to cook…

Or even just having the time to create art….

And all you wanted is to live the lifestyle you love and be happy with what you do.

Welcome to Coley Free!

Yes, enjoying life is simply the most amazing thing to achieve.

I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to live a life of freedom creating the life they want to.

You can create beautiful arts that you are proud of if that’s what you love to do.

You can reach financial freedom doing what you love and live on your own terms.

And definitely owning back the time to just create.

Take your time to look for all the art inspiration gathered here! : ) I hope that it inspires you to make your own.

This blog is created to let you indulge yourself into the freedom of arts, simply with paintings and art sketches in different forms and medias.

So take your time to enjoy creating the beautiful arts you want to! 🙂

Creating art is simple and it makes you feel good

Spending time to create arts and having the time and freedom to make it happen can be a very wonderful thing for me.

Before I can remember, for the last 10 years I studied in school, work hard to achieve things and never have the time to truly enjoy life.

I used to be someone who studies subjects that I have no idea about and don’t really know what to do in the future.

Coming from an Asian household in Malaysia, I know it’s important to get good grades, look for a job and earning a stable income from it.

But don’t get me wrong…there’s literally nothing wrong from this.

However, something is lacking with what I want to do in life.

In December 2019, I finished part of my studies and worked part-time at a kindergarten.

After working for around 2 months, I found out it’s actually NOT exhausting to take care of the kids, but it will drain you loads by guiding them to just do the homework! 😳

It was an exhausting but a whole new experience to me.

For that work, I am so busy every day – that I have to work from 6 AM-8 PM with lots of tasks to handle at the centre.

There’s a need to help the kids bathe, making sure that they’ve done their homework, eating lunch and taking care of them 24/7. I was that close to helping them changing diapers, too. At that time, day after day I was asked to check if students finished the homework in their schoolbag…

And one day under the sun, I told myself that this could not go on forever.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

If I am going to work this way while I want to pursue something more,

When will I be able to start living more and spend more time doing the things I love?

That’s when I realised the importance of becoming financially-free.

I started to learn about financial freedom so that I can improve my life by working with lesser hours.

I learned the importance of having something to work on my own- having a passive income stream besides studying and a job. This is so that I can have more time doing the things I have fulfilment with.

And starting a blog is a good opportunity to begin.

It may let me achieve the dream of working freely and most importantly let me do what I love to.

The best part about starting a blog is I would be able to follow on something I feel happy when doing, which is creating simple art.

This blog documents about the creative journey and learning to build passive incomes streams that are sustainable so that it’s time to live free with all the dreams we want to achieve.

How can I help you?

I’m so glad that you’re here and want to help you to do the same!

Let me show you the way to:

  • Discover your creative passion and live the life you deserve
  • Gain financial freedom and live on your own terms
  • Learn new skills that are fun and exciting

Start creating the life you want to!

You can learn how to start working for yourself to improve financial status and live happier with the work you do.

Believe in yourself first in order to succeed! Nothing has to be perfect when you start your own journey.

As a student, I am still learning along the journey to build passive income and also making the art I love.

Learning never stops.

If you’ve read until here, I want to thank you for reading this journey of mine.

Have a read on the blog and start making something you’d love to!



Hey there,

Today I have started a Youtube channel for my blog and its really fun to document process on another form.

Even though I am still a beginner in editing videos and creating art, I’m still happy to explore on this creative outlet more and more!

Check out my YouTube channel here!