8 Tips To Boost Productivity While Working From Home

You promise yourself that…

“Today you’re going to finish this job in 2 hours, it’s just a simple task and you will overcome the difficulties to get it done within that period of time set up”

That’s how we always make the plan and hoping that today we will be a most ever productive day.

Yes, you commit to it but the reality that always come around is,

You are on the track, but you just can’t STOP staying on it

“Ring, Ring, Ring”

Your alarm is waking you up!

Opps… I mean the timer just passed and what you want to get done just seem very undone, incomplete and needed embellishment.

What’s wrong with it?

Nope, maybe it’s just another day you are going have lesser than 10 mins to sip on a coffee and dive into the computer screen to finish your damn work.

That totally happens to us, I believe most if not all, who are struggling to take control in their working schedule.

Wait, tips are served!

Don’t go away yet, I know you’re looking for productivity hacks today or even tomorrow. The fact that you want to be more productive at work and achieve more in lesser time itself, is an amazing good start.

You don’t have to work your a** off to make the healthy agenda works,

All you want is to stick with these tips and turn them into a habitual cycle (around 21 days) to attain a work-life balance continuosly.

Here are some super helpful tips to help you get through the days working remotely without having to be exhausting and feeling drained out at the end of the day.

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8 Tips To Boost Productivity While Working From Home

  • Shift your identity
  • Brainstorm your ideas
  • Make up a designated workplace
  • Learn to say “no” to distraction
  • Set self-fueled goals
  • Take small breaks
  • Do one thing at a time (are you multitasking?)
  • Enough for today

Let’s do this together.

Imagine yourself going to complete a task in hand 3 hours later, and that work can seem a bit challenging or even simple for you. What can you do next to tackle it and be the most pro-duc-tive you out of it?

Tip 1: Shift your identity

Believe yourself before you start doing it.

Many of us did not realize in order to be highly efficient in work, we have to first put a strong belief towards our mindset that we are going make it.

This did not just give us confident to start delegating the work, more than that, we are building the right intuition, positivity in our mindset.

Only when we believe that that work is what we want to accomplish for the next hour, “Click”– we’re going to transform ourselves working efficiently with the pace we’d like to.

You got this!

Keep this in mind and say it aloud to youuu.

Yes you are proud and today you’re going bloom your flowery task or rock on the hard ones.

Telling yourself that you are going to reach somewhere before you begin will allow you to put up the effort within you.

It’s when that moment happens, you are tapping yourself into a new form of energy.

When you shift your identity(mindset), good energy come by and it’s easier to keep your workflow smoothly.

To work things out, understand that

No one can encourage you like you can yourself.

Set your boundaries or no one else have time to do it for you.

By focusing on your purpose to crush your goals, you can create your pathway to succeed with productivity!

Tip 2: Brainstorm your ideas

This lifehack skills has helped me a 1000 times and I only knew the secret recently.

I don’t know if you’ve always been doing some brainstorm session or forming mindmaps with Mindmeister,

But surely if you are a kind of person who thinks that writing out ideas on a map plaining doesn’t provide you any insights, you’re totally wrong!

Brainstorming is so beneficial that it helps to build up ideas, inspirations, and other relevant thoughts about a task we want to solve.

Get out of the normal routine

You get what you want. “do less, get more” (even earning more too!)

This is the interesting part of brainstorming ideas,

If you need to generate new ideas,

Branching out ideas in the mindmap can be limitless and not refine, but it allows you to get started like a pro in 3 minutes.

If you are starting a to-do list to delegate your work,

You form a mindmap and write down all the possible things you want to complete, keep that paper with you remind yourself what is your must-do tasks today.

If you are looking to solve a problem,

You can see all aspects of a situation and come up with the best solution from all by comparing what’s the real issues that are bothering.

Keep these 3 IF’s in mind to remind you that problems can be simplified, if you take your chance with

Tip 3: Make up a designated work space

It’s work space, not workplace

It doesn’t have to be stylish, glamorous to have that feels of working at home.

You need not agree with me because as far as I know, humans are pretty good at handling this.

We may not work under stress, but we can work well at a messy desk.

Does it sound true to you when you got a untidy work desk but is completely persistent with your work?

The fact is you are undermining your self-performance at work when you have a mess-up desk.

Clean it for your own good!

Time to change the game plan

If you don’t ever think of keeping your work space clean, there’s nothing wrong with you and the 16 million microbes on the keyboards.

The reason that stops you from getting a clean up is because you treat it as an office.

No one would clean their offices for sure, but this is your work space, you gotta keep it tedious to avoid work sickness.

Feels good to work at home

You won’t want to sink under your desk with workloads. Make it a habit to sanitize your workspace frequently.

Having a workspace with clutter-free can definitely give you peace of mind.

Make your cluttered mess to organized success today! There are so many ways to help things get better if you are ready for a change.

Tip 4: Learn to say “no” to distractions

‘Never enough’

You won’t be too productive in the long run by saying hello too often with your social media accounts. LET ME REMIND YOU THAT!

The world is so big and there’s so much information to consume out there.

It will never be enough for you to know what’s happening on the other end of the world.

Stop procrastinating!

Scrolling through the phone for a couple of hours does harm to your health + working performance gradually drops.

The next time you think you’re just about to do get back to your work, you’ve already been spending hours with your phone.

That’s just how we are addicted to social media and if it’s bothering you from getting your work done, you’d better want to eat that frog before meeting the deadline.

Tip 5: Setting self-fueled goals

Getting mindful with goals

Okay, back to the spiritual side setting up a lists of self-fueled goals brings you the main motivation of completing the work.

The goals itself makes you have determination and patience to work on a task skillfully. For instance, having goals like,

What if I can let people feel the happiness with creations I make?

What if I can contribute better ideas/plan for companies?

What if I can be my own boss by learn to start a creative business?

These self-determination goals help you to develop a good and healthy mindset towards achieving them step-by-step and finally reaching them with a strong plan.

Here is a workbook that can help you create a roadmap to start growing your creative passion!

All about the passion stuffs

Obviously, if you have the passion and enthusiast showing up in your work, nothing’s is going to be impossible to achieve for you.

You’ll enjoy the process of applying creative ideas to your job instead of working tirelessly without seeing the result you want.

Ask yourself why you started this job, is it just for money, or you get to provide values to others when you contribute.

Find out the core values that make you work hard to attain the life you want.

This allows you to envision your future and drives you to succeed in your job.

Tip 6: Do one thing at a time

Are you multitasking?

Profound studies has revealed that switching between tasks could take you up to 40% longer to complete the same tasks than if you were to tackle them separately.

Therefore, it’s important that we don’t try to make things complicated, keep it simple and we should be good with the workflow.

Which is the smarter way?

Trying to multitasks is making us hard to focus, especially if you are working on the complexes one.

Imagine yourself answering surveys while watching TV show, honestly this makes it easier to get kick out by the server in any time.

Just because that you’re not paying attention to the main job, it might get you in trouble soon.

Unless you’re not particular with making mistakes by multitasking, falling back to the single-task motion is probably the best way to ensure your productivity flows.

Tip 7: Enough for today

Stop trying to be tooo productive

Bear in mind that when push yourself too hard out there, you might be stressing yourself out with the productivity.

Alone with that, you’ll bring up the negativity and pushy feely towards the outcome.

This actually slows down your understanding towards a task.

Why you never have enough time?

Because we are surrounding with things we love and possibly more that we want to achieve in life.

There are so many dreams we want to follow and it’s hard to decide which one’s best for us.

Thus, give yourself time to learn on one skill you want to attain.

For instance, if you want to improve productivity, keep yourself away from distractions.

By focusing on what you do, you get the result you dream to have.

Tip 8: Take small breaks

Yay for breaks, who doesn’t?

Deeply from our hearts, we know that having a resting period could recharge us and turn us into a new leaf to work things out again.

This is a reward for us after dealing with heavy loads of work!

But you already know, without learning to embrace time management, you’ll be hard to cross the finish line of your work.

Remember, we still want maintain efficiency in our work.

Your desire to Rest vs Work

Again, it’s definitely good to have a retreat after work, eg: eating your favorite snacks, scrolling through social media, or even a good stretch can keep you mentally healthy.

And you know these are the happiest moment you want to immerse yourself in, but take note that longer periods of resting time, could lead you unreturnable to your work.

P.S.- Cause you get lazy to just get back to work.

It happens to me, A LOT of times

When I try to write a new post, blogging as a starter, there’s a immense motivation behind me, giving me the reason to consume, write and share the ideas with you.

But it hasn’t been easy, I take long periods of time thinking about what to write, and just couldn’t form the next word.

And taking schedule breaks helps me to do a better job!

I started writing better post by taking moments off and organize my time to write to make daily progress.

If you don’t get what I really mean to apply in your work, here’s something you need,

Make time as a friend, not the enemy

TIP 5: Use the Pomodoro technique from the “start to end” of your task.

It’s a time tracker where you can set up a better time (at best 25 mins) to focus in what you want to finish at a time.

Then, take a short rest (2-5 minutes) and write a mark in a piece of paper (1 Pomodoro)

Repeat this cycle to 4 times (that is 4 Pomodoro) and then take a longer rest (around half an hour)

Start again setting the counter to zero to repeat.

This powerful method is said to accelerate working performances when you clear up your mind and do more in less time, there’s a science behind it.

And also it’s getting easier to work with your task when finding your internal flow(which working style works best for you) while working with time as a pal, not pressuring you at all.


Tell yourself:

I want to achieve that elusive work-life balance

and get started with your work from home journey efficiently.

Remember your happiness, health, and family is what motivate you to attain a better life.

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