Adorable Doggie Drawings (Easy, Cute, Lovely)

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Drawing these different types of dogs with fine liners are amazing! They look cute with simple line art.

Need some new and fresh ideas to draw little puppies?

Here are plenty of cute puppy drawings for you to try out whenever you are looking for an easy sketch.

Drawing animals can be fun and enjoying especially when you’re bored.

I love drawing these adorable dogs clipart and add them into my sketchbook because they look wonderful.

I believe so do you.

There are a ton of animal sketches you might want to try out, but as dogs are human’s best friend, let’s see what are the puppies sketches that you can practice to easily fill in your paper/notebook.

It’s going to be fun!

How to Draw A Simple Dog

Drawing a dog cannot be hard, I told myself when I begin picking up my drawing journey for the first time ever.

But sometimes you can find things difficult when you sit in front with your sketchbook and a pen not knowing what to draw.

Basically your mind can go blank when you have everything you need.

The inspiration only comes when you’re NOT drawing.

But I’ve decided since there’s always some days, that at some point I just want to draw dogs and puppies laying around my waste paper, so I started practice learning on how to draw a simple dog.

Here’s the full process of how I finally learned to draw some adorable puppies.

I’m sure you can do it too!


  • Body framework
  • Prick/ dropping ears
  • Long/ short tail
  • Face features

Draw out the overall body of the puppies and keep them simple with a few lines to represent their body shapes.

This is what I found the easier and quicker way to draw a cute but simple dog in the mean of free time I have.

1. Sketch out your doggie’s shape

sketching dogs

Start by getting a pencil to do a rough sketch. It doesn’t have to be perfect and but it should let your drawing ideas flow.

Be it what drawing ideas you have in mind, you should have at least one puppy you’re happy to try out sketching.

So be excited with the one you really love and want to draw!

Get some puppy drawing inspiration on Pinterest and scroll through pictures or drawing ideas that resonate with you that YOU DESIRE to draw them.

  1. Get a relevant dog picture on the Internet
  2. Start by sketching its body shape
  3. Add characteristic on the nose, ears and to both eyes

Did you know?

Dogs are the descendants of the wolf species and they usually have the same facial expression even though they are from different breeds. It all still comes down to the little nose and a wavy mouth through a basic sketch.

So do not worry about not being able to draw a cute puppy!

2. Make the outline for your dog drawings

Creating an outline for your drawings can make it prettier & outstanding plus it’s super easy to do it.

You can easily decorate your art with fine liners or other bold pens you have right now to make your doggie drawing doodles ‘pop’ and stand out.

I use fine liners like this do give a smooth sketch on this artwork.

3. Rub away your sketchings

It’s always better if you have a clean eraser in hand to help you erase away the previous sketchings you don’t need anymore.

This just makes your artwork feel refreshed and more minimalistic.

You got this, just don’t erase too hard on the paper to keep it clean!

What do you need to sketch a dog

There are so many daily use materials for you to do sketchings, some of them are:

  • Pencil (A 2B/ handy pencil to draw guidelines)
  • Pens (Any kind of pens to outline your drawing)
  • A notebook/ sketchbook
  • Other stationery – erasers, colour pencils (no, you don’t need a ruler for this!)

You can also use fine liners to give a bold look to all your drawings, as their tips are smoother and I found it easier for me to sketch the outlines of my drawings.

Is it easy to draw a cute puppy?

Yes! It can be easy if you break them down into simple steps.

Learning some of these great tips can help you draw a lovely puppy from scratch:


They usually have big eyes and cute facial features to exaggerate the puppy’s overall funny look. It’s also my favourite way to draw animal doodles because they look simpler but still have their own characteristic.

  1. Draw the body starting with simple shapes
  2. Focus on sketching their cute facial feature
  3. Give them rounder eyes to highlight their funny looks


Sometimes dogs are not just human’s best friends. In fact, they can act like a human with their body language if you closely observe.

If you own a puppy, try to observe how they walk, sit and stares in the air to have a better idea of how to draw a dog’s anatomy correctly. Or if you’re eager to draw a realistic one, even their fur matters when consider drawing them.

  1. Draw the body starting with simple shapes
  2. Focus on sketching their overall body and muscle features ( including paws, floppy ears)
  3. Give them attractive eyes to evoke emotions


1. Boston Terrier ~ 2. Shih Tzu

You can use this as a guide to sketch your dog drawings when you first started.

Follow these 3 steps and you’ll get to draw a cute and cartooney puppy within a short amount of time.

  1. Draw out the overall body shape of a puppy

    Look at the dog’s picture that you have, and realise what kind of ears, head shape and small paws the puppy is showing and sketch them out.

  2. Give them a short tail (at your option)

    In this case, I’m drawing a cute puppy so it’s appropriate to give it a shorter tail.

  3. Adding face features with big rounded eyes

    A dog’s mouth can provide the resemblance to your sketching if you want to make your art look realistic. Sketching out a wavy mouth on your dog art can make it close to that state.

Colouring puppy drawings through different mediums

  • Colour pencils

Using colour pencils can give a realistic look for these puppy doodles. Again you only need basic stationery like pencils, bold pens and a few colour pencils in order to make your complete artwork.

  • Watercolour

Even though these dogs weren’t exactly watercolour covered, it’s still amazing to see that with basic watercolour palette you can bring out a beautiful tone within the artwork itself.

So I recommend you to definitely try this out as a beginner as they can look stunning. What’s more enjoyable than drawing fun doodles with basic materials you have from home.

It really doesn’t require anything fancy.

You just need to learn, practice and let your art gets better.

Note: If you’re using watercolour to paint these dogs, be sure that the brush/paint isn’t too watery to keep your drawings safe and not being washed away. Always wait for them to dry before you continue your process.

Types of dog drawn in this artwork

Boston Terrier | Shih Tzu | Schnauzer | Japanese Spitz | Maltese | Labrador Retriever | Corgi | Pug | Sharpei | Poodle | Dachshund | Wiener | German Shepherd | Yorkshire Terrier | Bulldog | Scottish Terrier | Golden Retriever | Pachon Navarro | Chihwahwa | Husky | Tibetan Spaniel | Italian Greyhound | Komondor | Toy Poodle

And I think you’re good to have some simple doodle art with cute puppies in your sketchbook right now.

But just take a second to know that you need to have a few tries and practice to make them perfect in place.

And guess what, they don’t even need to! Make use of your creativity with this drawing workflow and create your own puppy drawings by starting to sketch.

Inspiration for Drawing Adorable Dogs

Search images online

Using Pinterest is definitely a great help when you’re looking for drawing inspiration.

  • Take realistic pictures of cute dogs as an example
  • Observe how they look like when wandering around
  • Draw and make a creative twist with your drawing personality

Where to look for amazing dog drawing reference?

  1. Pinterest
  2. Shutterstock (stock photo sites)
  3. Cartoon shows (Snoopy, Scooby-Doo, Pluto, Odie, Brian Griffin)
  4. Society6 (find inspiration on artist work)
  5. Redbubble (explore more doggie’s art/stickers)
  6. DoggieDrawings (popular dog illustration artist Lily Chin)
  7. Creative Market (look for the best delicate dog clipart here)

Note: These are sites that provide you with the drawing ideas for personal related use. You can always keep them as inspiration to draw better art but do not resell these ideas within your artwork.

Find your art style

It’s good to learn how to develop your art style while drawing cute animals like a puppy because they are easier to get started for beginning artists.

If you’re still finding your art style, take time to draw various kinds of dogs from what artist have drawn. From there, learn to develop the basics and anatomy to draw a puppy and start drawing on your own.

You can also check out how to illustrate dogs through a simple combination of shapes as a beginner.

That’s all you need to start drawing your adorable puppy!


Easy Adorable Doggie Drawings

Cute, adorable and lovely puppy drawings waiting for you to draw. They are easy to sketch in within 2 minutes if you want to. Add them into your sketchbook today!

Drawing Session
5 minutes


  • Pencil
  • Fine liner
  • A piece of paper
  • Watercolour paints (or any other colour mediums of your choice)

Artflow Instructions

  1. Sketch them on your prepared sketchbook. Try out a few practices on a piece of paper. You can start by referencing to the favourite dog photos you have/ or online to begin drawing.
  2. Use simple lines & shapes to draw. Show the puppy’s facial expressions and body movement through your sketches. Their mouth usually starts with a W or a reversed Y.
  3. Add the outline of each puppy you want to draw. This makes the drawings contrast and pop beautifully whenever you’re adding them on your bullet journal/ or art sketches.
  4. Give them colours with different mediums you like. Leave them transparent with the outlines if that’s what you want to. There’s no absolute correct or wrong looking when it comes to art.


Have fun with drawing cute dogs and make time for your art creativity.

You’ll be amazed by how easy and simple the process inspire you.

Ready to draw your lovingly cute puppy?

Get a paper and pen and I’d like to know how did your process went. : )

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