How Does SEO Affect Your Blog Ranking in Google

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This is what you should know before starting to blog – getting to know about the SEO a.k.a Search Engine Optimization in Google that can help you grow your blog community faster.

Hey, do you ever know how some people manage their blog so successfully on the Internet?

You might think that there’s a tricky way for them to do it, maybe they’ve made it by coding, advertising or through the spreading of social media stuffs.

Some blogs are even featured due to their longer “blogging age”.

And yes, you are right for half of it – as these are some of the greats ways promoting blogs and making blog posts go straight up to the first page in Google.

But you might ask…

“What if I don’t have money to advertise my blog, is blogging a no money, no talk game?”

This is the moment where SEO steps in to save blog starters from panic,

Blogging with SEO always comes along with choosing the right keyword for your blog post. And we’ll cover you on how to choose your SEO keywords in this post.

What Is SEO? (Search Engine Optimization)

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To explain, search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique used to improve your website traffic by increasing the visibility of blog posts in the front page of Google Search.

Think about this, if each blog posts has got their own ranking position in Google, how long do you think your blog post will get a good rank overall – even to the first page of Google where more people click into your page title πŸ™‚

Good news is, it’s not a death end process to wait for blog posts getting to the front page, as Google has become smarter, its system will automatically have this “crawler” to crawl on your website to get to know what the post is all about and rank it according to a number of reasons. ( SEO is one of them! )

So to make it simple, by learning how SEO can affect your blog ranking in Google, you will understand its important to:

  • Look for the right keywords in your blog niche
  • Blog posts can get higher rank when you choose the right keyword
  • Higher ranking increases the visibility of your post to readers
  • Drive growth into your blog business

SEO makes a big impact on your blog stats as 75% of Internet users never scroll past the first page of search results, which means if you never know what your readers are looking for, you might probably lose them one day or never get their interest in your post.

“If I don’t use SEO techniques on my blog, what’s going to happen?”

It will be harder for your post to get rank by Google, in turn making your blog having less chance of exposure in the worldwide web hosted by Google Search. And the biggest search engine in the world is Google, just that.

Keys To Improve SEO On Blog


Before you start writing a post, doing research in finding keywords in your niche is crucial to make sure the content you strive to produce has its audience.

For example, if you blog about fitness, try to look up keyword ideas by searching what people are asking (about health and fitness) these days.

Keyword Research

You’ll find out that maybe more people are searching for a fitness plan than fitness apps. From there, pick keywords that are having 3 key terms-

  1. High search rate ( good volume )
  2. Low competition ( SEO <40 )
  3. Long-tail keywords ( eg: fitness plan for weight loss after pregnancy)

Doing this SEO Research can provide the targeted keywords you need for relevant posts and benefit your blog with organic ranking – where your traffic is induced without spending a few more dollars.

Here’s a tip, choosing keywords are to put into your blog title, however, I encourage you to only focus on one keyword when writing the title.

This is because Google is getting SMARTER, and if you make keyword stuffing all over your post, punishment will be made to your website by never making it to the first page.

So if you want to nail at SEO, stop using too many keywords that aren’t relevant in the same post.

Ubersuggest is a good keyword tool that provides statistics and results for each keyword input. From there, you can know which keyword can bring out a better performance in your blog niche.

As you can see, I’ve searched up ‘start a blog‘ as the keyword in Ubersuggest, it is a good keyword having both a high volume of search and a lower competition among bloggers in the niche.

For best results, look for keywords that has SEO difficulty lesser than 40 to minimize competitiveness among big blogs.

As you can see all the keyword ideas were organized and you’ll need to find which is best for you to write up a good content.

Pin point on the blue highlighted area for your next keyword characteristics:

  • Volume of search that are high
  • Seo difficulties that are low

Focusing on these two points can give you a really quick idea of what’s up in the world right now and what can you write to take your post to the next level.

Keyword Tools

If you are new to SEO and are looking for some ultimate proven ways to rank #1 on Google, here are 3 powerful SEO tips that can boost your rankings.

Get this FREE keyword tool named UberSuggest to start your keyword lists and generate more suggestions for your blog today!

Some other keyword tools that are useful for bloggers to look for ideas:

[UPDATED]: I have recently found another TOP Google free keyword tool to use and it’s fabulous to search for the right keyword content if you haven’t already used it. Grab your 10-day free trial here!

Good Content

The only thing that has remain unchanged from Google is they want you to create good content. And that’s why we always get the top answers from Google at the first page, because Google wants to make sure we are getting real informative knowledge with the best that they can provide. So they’ll rank blog post using data and stats to ensure quality of post.

Then how to write quality posts?

When it comes to blogging smartly, writing a fabulous content is the best investment you can make into your blog. Content is king and this signifies that quality is more important that the quantity of your blog post.

Here are 3 tips to writing good content:

  1. Write lengthy posts (to an extend of 1500-2000 words if relevant)
    • “The average length of top-ranking pages on Google is 1890 words
  2. Write posts that provide value to your readers
    • Don’t waste their time, get to the point and share the knowledge
  3. Do in-depth research about the topic
    • Understanding the subject gives you an idea of how to deliver your message clearly to your readers.

On-page SEO

As readers, they’ve always want that juicy ideas from your blog. So while we can provide good value content for them, creating something that capture their eye is what you can do to interest them to read along.

These are great ways to make your blog post attractive (more engaging):

  • Infographics
  • Illustrations
  • Videos
  • Interviews
  • Podcasts
  • Collaboration with bloggers
  • Research Studies
  • Reviews
  • Freebies

By simply building these forms of content, you can make your blog post more readable and even build trust with readers!


Learning SEO isn’t complicated after all, and even helps so much in generating natural traffic for your blog.

Once you understand the main idea of SEO, you are good to go and might be able to gain more audience for your built content – it’s free organic traffic for the long run! πŸ˜‰

I hope this post gives you an idea of on how to win the game of SEO.

Welcome to the first chapter of blogging with SEO. πŸ™‚

Happy blogging!

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