Creative Ways To Make An Extra $100 Every Day

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This post is filled with tips and guides on making extra income for yourself.

It is also a place where I leave my best tips & tricks making side money apart from daily work.

You will learn how to make an extra income with these creative ways and work hard to start growing your passive income with these side hustles.

If you want to know how to earn $100 per day but have no idea where to start, this is the right place for you.

In this guide, I provided some of the ways to bring in an extra income, whether it’s for you or your home, I hope you can benefit from this and start earning some money with little or without any investment at all.

Let us first get things clear, money is one of those things that you cannot ignore if you need to pay bills, buy things you love or enjoy travelling on a trip. (unless as a millionaire)

We all know that money somehow can make us happier when we get to treat ourselves with good food and fulfilling our desirables.

Money may not be the one reason to make us happy, but what it surely does is lifting and solving some of the most frustrating problems for us.

That’s the power of money – as a tool to help us or let us help others to live a freedom lifestyle.

If you want to how to make a $100 per day while you can, reading this blog post will give you a really good idea about it.

However, these are not money that shows up without YOU putting the effort in.

I believe you believe that no magic will happen if you do not take the leap. And if you do, by investing your time and effort consistently, I am sure you can start growing your passive income with time.

Sometimes when we are looking for ways to earn money online, it’s also important to avoid shady websites.

We don’t want to make money from sources that are illegal or just tricky. And so if you’d ask me if there’s a lying website online, I would say there are dozens of them…

But being careful and hearing reviews from trusted resources help a lot to prevent all these things from happening. There are just so many ways to earn money online nowadays and you just have to choose those that are trusted, ethical and proven already. 

It all comes down to finding legitimate ways that can help you increase your source of income and live for a better future.

Probably buying some more art supplies like I do!

Here are some of the ways that I have tried and have reviewed during my free time – Yes, trying to make a $100 daily with alternative ways!

Let’s get into it.

1. Completing Surveys 

Survey is one of the online tasks I have been doing to bring in pennies as a small source of income. The beautiful side of doing online surveys is that I know exactly what I need to do to fulfill the task and it’s easy most of the time. 

I still remember I’m surprised that answering surveys and giving genuine opinions could lead me to earning a few pennies each month – and more… For example, cashing out rewards, gift cards and unique prizes!

I choose to do paid surveys with SurveyTime because it always provides a $1 per survey done. It transfers the money directly to your Paypal account within a day, therefore it’s quite reliable and convenient if collecting points for reward is not your option.

The downside of it will be – having not enough queries/surveys to answer. There’s always a screener to see if you are qualified for a particular survey.

That means it’s not always easy to qualify for the surveys given.

Sometimes I find myself not eligible for the surveys and just have to pass and wait for the next one.

However, its good to know that you can answer unlimited surveys as you want to in SurveyTime. It offers unlimited cash out per day and you can receive money once the survey is reviewed and completed.

Two things I’ve learned doing paid surveys:

  • I provide thoughtful opinions and more surveys will usually come to me.
  • I use the extra money that I’ve earn to buys things I want to or save them if I don’t need to.

So it’s still convincing that if you want to earn some extra money as a supplement source of income, completing surveys can add up the money!

Here are the survey companies I have been interacting with and (has worked) –

You can start earning money for yourself today by just registering accounts on the platform.

Take your time giving feedback on surveys and passing the screentest and you can earn a lot more than you think on these little surveys!

2. Selling Artwork Online

Do you know that your creative outlet might be your greatest potential to earn passive income without hustling?

You will be surprised that making and designing prints on Redbubble allows you to earn a consistent full-time income – by turning those prints into T-shirts, mug designs, pillowcase and wall decor. 

It’s okay if you don’t know where to start, there are companies with platforms that handle the rest, from production to delivering the goods to customers. 

There really aren’t excuses not to make more money for yourself though. All you need is to create your artwork prints, upload them on the platform and give it a go.

Sounds good? These communities are also offering ways to allow artists to make prints that vary from different sizes. They will take care of the rest once you upload your full artwork onto the platform. 

Plus, there’s no more commitment to be made, that means you can start selling prints without spending any money on these platforms.

And yes, you get to earn money by solely presenting these artwork when people are buying them. The earnings might not be consistent, but remember you are creating these artwork for once, but money can be running in for a long decade.

However, your artwork will need to be with quality and best – on trend if you want more eyes on them. Designing your prints under the same theme will work best when you’re opening a shop with these online markets.

Try to look for what kind of art/pattern that is trending right now as people are more than welcome to purchase anything that’s pleasing to the eye with a unique style.

Check out these cool stores to make and sell your prints:

3. Start a Youtube Channel

Always consuming videos on Youtube but never make up your mind to start a channel? You’ll be surprised that starting a Youtube channel opens up various opportunities for earning revenues. 

Creators monetize their video content with ad companies like Google Adsense to support their income.

By displaying ads on videos, Youtubers get paid with an average of $5 per 1000 views. That means having an engaging Youtube community may let you earn up to $100 per day by gaining a consistent number of 20,000 video views.

Isn’t it a great side hustle to begin when you have little or no investment to make at all? 

All you need is nothing fancy too… With a simple phone camera and a tripod, you can start filming videos on your channel with a theme to look for the long run.

I recommend starting a Youtube channel with a topic you’re passionate about with an audience in mind to keep going producing content that people will want to watch.

Obviously, making videos on Youtube isn’t the fastest way to start a side hustle by getting paid to do… But its an investment and creative outlet to anyone who has something to share – more importantly, it supports creators with an income.

Even though you might have no income in the first few months, but the videos you make will be on the platform and somehow your videos will have an audience who are interested to follow on.

The pay rate for Youtubers varies in different countries and the amount is depending on how much an advertiser pays. You can calculate your potential earnings per views on Youtube through this webpage.

Many Youtubers are making a good living by posting great video content alone on Youtube. 

So since everyone can try out Youtube as a creative outlet, whether you like to teach cooking, making arts, or gardening behind your home, starting a Youtube channel can be a lucrative yet interesting platform to engage with what you love to do.

Plus, earning that extra income stream makes it even worth it! 

4. Listen to Curated Music 

Can you believe that people are able to make side cash by listening to the latest playlists? Because they really do!

PlaylistPush is a music curated company that releases licensed music from artists and gives curators a chance to listen to those songs. So when you’re a curator, you get paid by listening to new songs released. 

Artists are paying to those who support and review their songs, so that their music is heard and can gain a larger fan base.

Isn’t that a fun and relaxing way to earn money while discovering an amazing playlist? It’s a really good deal for anyone wanting to have an extra income.

More of that, it’s free to sign up and you can earn up to $12 per song review instantly by supporting artists in PlaylistPush

5. Start a blog

If you would love to achieve financial freedom and retire young, creating a money-making blog is the one of the best ways to reach your dreams. 

A personal blog allows you to write your way online but what if I tell you that creating your own business blog can bring you a consistent income if you work on it?

Starting a blog business may sound intimidating, and to be honest, it’s not the easiest way to make money when you just begin.

But if you always know that working for a 9-5 job is consuming you and stopping you from living the life of freedom, having a blog becomes a beautiful thing – it relieves so much pressure for you to earn an income.

Imagine having a blog that brings in revenues every month for you, you will be able to make money through that blog and most importantly work for yourself, at any time you want.

Here is where the freedom comes in, and it makes life more controllable without worrying if you have the money to pay bills.

Wouldn’t that be the most beautiful thing to work on for yourself? I know it’s a yes for me, that’s why I created this blog to make that happen.

So how do you bloggers even make money through a blog? This question was always a big thing when I started and I can tell you it’s true that you can make money through a blog, BUT through many ways! 

To simplify how bloggers make money with their blog, there are plenty of ways to earn revenue through:

  • Ads
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling own products

I mentioned these methods because they are how some bloggers are able to make $1000/month through a single blog consistently.

Of course, it takes a lot of hard work and effort but its definitely worth as an investment.

It is also not that – you have to be an expert to start a blog. All you need to begin is a self-hosted blog that allows you to start monetization and creates content around your audience. 

Pick a blog niche that you will love to work on and learn how to make the most out of your blog and make a living with it. It’s definitely possible!

If you are interested to start a blog, I have an ultimate guide on starting a useful blog and it teaches you all you need to create a money-making blog.

6. Selling Stock Photos

Do you have a camera sitting at home? You might be surprised that companies are paying photographers money with the beloved shots they’ve taken.

As the usage of social media increases, creators from all around the world needs beautiful footage or styled photos to take their projects to the next level. And guess what, you might have the right images that they need!

By taking clear and memorable shots on a camera, you can upload them straight to these stock photos website to start selling. Each image bought will be paid to the creator who took the photograph so it’s definitely a win-win.

So what are you waiting for? Take some photographs and start your journey at Shutterstock for more instructions on uploading stock photos.

7. Open for art commission

Hey, just to make sure that this is not only for artist, but anyone with a heart to create beautiful art or painting specifically for a project.

Art commission means creating artwork for people/ followers who would like to buy your art. Details of artwork is provided by the customer and artist will paint according to their style.

The best way to start an art commission is to get your artwork out there and let people know what style of drawing you own and can deliver to them. (of course, a consistent uniqueness and a recognised style makes the difference!)

You can also participate in free indie art projects as a warm up before doing art commission.

And the hardest step you want to take is to start. Having platforms like Instagram and Tumblr, posting artwork frequently allows people to see your growth in drawing and make opportunities for your first art commission!

8. Taking Freelance Work

Having another source of income will always be a beautiful thing if you want to save money and make ends meet at the end of the month.

If you have any skills that can help someone do the job better, people will want to hire you on Fiverr to present high-quality work. 

As I say this, it doesn’t mean that you must need those outstanding and unique skills to get paid while freelancing on these platforms. 

Imagine someone that’s looking for a translator to translate their script into other languages, they need you to design a logo for their small business, doing beautiful voiceover and making just a simple video explainer – it is all happening on Fiverr to get paid to work as a freelancer!

All you need is to identify what skills you can do well to elevate people’s work and complete the project efficiently.

You’ll be amazed by how some college students are able to pay off debt and earn a $500 per month doing freelance job on this platform. 

And if you are worried about finding your gig talent on Fiverr, there is definitely more to go I cannot state them one by one here BUT – it’s a whole load of talents to find there including book editing and pattern design!

You will also be able to set up your  services real quick, by creating a bio on your work profile in 3 steps: 

  • Offer your skills/services
  • Set up your pricing
  • Get paid by completing orders/projects

I also think it’s a great way to learn and perform your skills if you’re new to the platform as a fresh graduate and have not much experience.

Taking part in these indie projects gives you an opportunity to learn and moreover you get paid by gaining the real work experience.

So its a big win for you if you are excited to learn and some extra money for yourself. Upwork is also another treasure platform for these freelance work.

9. Become a Virtual Assistant

Starting a new side hustle isn’t always easy, but if you do have some demanding skillset or services to offer online, such as social marketing, proofreading, or scheduling posts, then becoming a virtual assistant might be a great fit as a career.

The great thing about becoming a virtual assistant is that you are able to bring an extra income for your home working anywhere you want since its all dependable online.

A virtual assistant also means somebody who’s working for a business/ company (as an assistant) to help them elevate their working task faster.

Usually, it includes planning schedule, optimizing social media accounts, creating graphics for business and more. These business owners outsource their work to the assistant and pay by month or yearly.

Since you have the opportunity to get access to the Internet, why not use it to make a side hustle?

You can start by pitching clients on Instagram, to social media accounts that seem to need help leveraging their profile or in their business. Or even becoming a Pinterest virtual assistant scheduling post for websites and companies.

I am sure that there are a lot more useful resources out there that you can find by just typing becoming a virtual assistant. I’ll definitely link more of the resources back here if I’d seen something great to share with!

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