How To Start A Blog To Make Money in 2020

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Want to learn how to start a blog and make a living with it? You’re at the right place!

Setting up a blog can be super fun and exciting, but if you are hoping to make money by blogging, this is where you should be.

In this post, I’m going to guide you through all the steps required for you to create your brand new blog. 

Have you ever seen someone sitting at the cafe working leisurely with their laptop, or imagine yourself to be in that situation?

Doesn’t that sound cool if it happens that the person (or you) is a blogger pursuing their own dreams and financial freedom through blogging?

Starting a blog opens up doors of different possibilities for all of us after all.

Some have known blogging as;

  • a place to share inspirations
  • building relationships
  • starting a new journey to pursue financial freedom
  • work at anywhere with freedom

Some didn’t bother to start one due to the fear of losing their way.

But to shift your mind positively, only should you realise that every dream work or job requires you to take the actions and steps to manifest it.

There’s definitely stumbles along the path, but with a starting point everything becomes more possible than ever.

Blogging gives you a chance to raise your voice, build your brand and work with creative communities that are amazing.

You can develop new skills, build your career, make money through blogging to diversify your income opportunities.

More of that, you can enjoy the freedom of working from home and create a passive income.

There are many cases of people who have succeeded in blogging from the coming years including mommy bloggers, student from dropout college, or a retired dad who is making a full income with a blog.

So if you’d ask me is it possible to start a money making blog in 2020,

I’d say yes, you can definitely do this!

When I first started to have plans creating my blog, I am confused by some of these questions that are bumming into my head.

  1. Does it require lots of money to make a blog?
  2. Why can’t I create one on a free platform?
  3. Wouldn’t it be good if I don’t need to spend first before earning?
  4. How to start blogging and write content?
  5. What even? I need a web hosting system to create a blog?!

Yes, these are all the questions that I was confusing when creating my first blog, which is this one that you are reading.

But it’s okay, starting a blog doesn’t need to be overwhelming if you try to gather pieces of information online – there is always an answer for you.

And you are already reading this tutorial guide, which is a pretty good starting point to launching your online career.


All you need is to start thinking whether you should take the leap to start a blog and create a profitable business for yourself. Will you make the time for your blog and put in the effort to grow it?

If you will, then this will be a beautiful pocket guide to launch your first online business – with a blog!

So keep going to see how you can create your profitable online business from scratch.

This guide will teach you step-by-step on how to start a self-hosted WordPress blog with Siteground.

how to start a blog

Ready to kickstart your first blog?

Let’s dive right in!


A blog is a platform to share ideas and helpful information to the audience. I believe most of us know that blogging acts as a space or forum to let us share inspiration and exchange valuable opinions with each other.

And the truth becomes too beautiful when you find out that blogging can be more than just that.

To this point, having a blog is super beneficial when it’s possible to help you create your extra income by monetizing your blog!

Bloggers can use different monetization methods like ads, affiliate marketing, selling products & services, creating e-courses and so forth to create multiple streams of income, which makes a blog stand out if any has a plan to earn passive income.


The daily question you need to reassure before starting a blog.

Why are you stepping yourself into this blogosphere? Understanding the ultimate goal will help you refine your blog goals along with producing great content consistently.

It is important to tackle this question deep before you start a blog because you need to know who are you trying to write for, and what will people would love to hear from you.

Without an ultimate goal to start a blog, you are more likely to 

  • Feel demotivated to blog consistently
  • Give up on your vision to blog
  • Produce content with lack of clarification and alignment  
  • Feeling lost and struggle to focus on your blogging tasks

So before starting a blog, it is necessary to find out your biggest WHY to make sure you see your goals as a lighthouse that navigates you to the right way.

There must be a few reasons that ignite you to start a blog and make it successful. All you need to do is just get clear of what are they, and how are you going to accomplish them.

Make your reasons big enough for you to put your effort in.

Some reasons that should resonate with you;

1- Make an extra income

The top reason for starting a blog is to be able to generate an extra income online. Yes, you should treat your blog as a business because it is possible! There’s no reason not to create an opportunity for yourself when you get to earn a passive income with the possible minimum investment to make. 

Some bloggers are making a 6-figure income by blogging. Many cases have been proven that stay-at-home moms are already making money with their blog using different monetization method like affiliate marketing, selling digital products, teaching skills, and more. By starting a blog, you set yourself a chance to financial freedom.

2- Share a powerful message

Blogging allows you to share beautiful insights with valuable content that people are interested in. You can find topics that have a big amount of people following and thus create a blog that talks all about it. This gives a good chance to promote your following and connect with like-minded people in your community.

3- Build a career

You might not like those days when they say working from 9-5. And here’s the opportunity for you! Starting a blog is actually helping you to build a future career independently. You get to create an online business literally from scratch, but with all information online and communities that are working on the same path as you.

In fact, blogging can outshine your career with a few advantages. As a blogger, you learn and gain a lot more than you think, with many skills adhere to that will boost your working opportunities.

4- Connect with people

Think of blogging as a platform to share and connect. It’s a community allowing you to open up a little bit more if you’re not yet ready.

Your blogging space encourages you to connect with newbies or seasoned bloggers that are moving on with different paces, but all aligned to a single goal – to share what you’ve got to give. You can easily grow your blog by building good relationships and collaborate with bloggers. 

Follow through your main goal makes it easier to grow and expand your blog’s content, traffic and sales.

Your blogging path goes steadily or not, particularly depends on the reason for your blog goals and how you choose to serve your audience.

So make sure to know your one ultimate goal before you start a blog.


To dive deep into business, blogging is not all about what you want to write. Again, you need to know what your audience needs and produce content that solves their problem.

If it’s possible to hit two birds with one stone, that’s even better.

That’s why here we are, to get clear on WHY & WHAT we need to start a blog. After setting your goals, you can well decide your blog niche and create blog posts ideas easily.

What is a blog niche?

Every successful blog begins with a blog niche. Your blogging niche is the topic you write about throughout the blog, where it makes you an expert on your blog. Choosing a blog niche is important for bloggers who wants to start a profitable blog. 

All and all, pick a topic that you are passionate about and is profitable to earn you money. That means your blog niche should be popular and has a great demand in the society needs to make sure you can monetize your blog.

Every blog needs traffic and gets known, so I believe there’s no way to start a blog that wouldn’t make you cents.

Some popular blog niche topics that are profitable:

  • Food/Recipe
  • Travel
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Self-Care and Growth
  • Passive Income
  • Blogging & Entrepreneur
  • Online Business
  • Home Decor
  • Health & Fitness

The profitable blog niche you decide to write about should be closely related to your passion, goals and strength that you’ve got an expert in or are eager to learn more about.

Think about what are you ready to be an expert in. Plan out the ultimate goals will find you the north star to start a profitable blog.

Niching down your blog topic (for your audience)

As you already know, there are too many blogs been built so far in 2020.

So some of you might ask, will the blog niche that I’m in becomes too saturated that I would not be able to earn pennies due to the high competition?

Your prediction is true that most starter blogs will fail to make money when they are blogging without niching down blog topic.

But those new bloggers who’ve niched down their blog are killin it and bringing in their very first income.

Because there’s a big point behind starting a successful blog (counting those that makes money)

You need to narrow down your blog topic for your readers to let them know what you are all about.

Picking one single topic to talk about can be daunting for new bloggers. But this is one way to speed track your blog growth and income.

I talked more about how you should narrow down your blog topic here.

Keypoint Takeaways: Choose a topic and go deep with it in your content. This shows credibility and your targeted audience are more likely to come back for specific content.

How to start a blog to make money


I believe anyone will host their blog on a free platform if there’s a way in there to help them start a profitable.

And even take my time to ‘try making’ my own blog for free because I thought why not?

However, it’s too good to be true.

Using a free platform to blog.

Why you should NOT start a blog for free?

The result is lame due to two main reasons – constraints and restrictions happen.

I couldn’t easily monetize my blog and make some small changes to it. No downloadable plugins. Not even changing a good theme unless I can spend loads of money furnishing it but I don’t.

There’s way too little option and preferences for bloggers to make bank by starting a blog on a free platform. Because you can’t really make money on platforms that you don’t own yourself.

That’s when I take the leap to start a self-hosted blog and never look back to it. I get better chances to be accepted by affiliate programs and have been given greater support for my blog with Siteground.

Which platform to start your blog?

In this case, we are looking for more freedom to manage your self-host blog and the best choice is definitely on is a free platform for bloggers to create content. You might ask why is it for free or is there any catch?

The answer is no and (it’s free) because it needs you to set up your own domain name and web hosting.

And it’s mighty easy to set up your blog on Yes, it can be done within minutes!

Difference between and

In case some of you wants to know, here’s the comparison between

  • No need to self-host your site
  • Less freedom and control on your site (limited)
  • Both are free

  • Self-host your own site
  • Has freedom towards your own site
  • Both are free

So with that being said,

If you want to start a blog with an intent to make money with it;

  • Create a self-hosted blog (with web hosting plan)
  • Write consistent and quality content
  • Gain traffic to your blog
  • Start monetizing your blog from Day 1


Let’s get started to launching your blog!


You need some good ideas to naming your blog.

So what is a domain?

Your domain name is the name of your blog used to address to your website link URL whenever someone searches for it.


The ‘domain name’ can be any name you choose. My domain name is

Choosing your domain name is a fun process. Just make sure it keeps align with your blog goals and stick to (.com) because it’s the most popular website link.

Every website has its own custom unique URL so that no one will bump into the wrong website when there are over 1.74 billion websites on the Internet.

A whopping 4+ billions of Internet users who don’t want to wake up in the wrong room like where’s their roommate? (or snacks)

So what I mean was no one will have the same domain as your website. You will own the one and only domain once purchase is confirmed. No one can steal it from you, haha!

Tips to choose a domain

Use keywords that you may write in your content. Extract the specific keywords from your blog niche to give yourself a better idea of your domain name.

Or you can add a personal vibe like your name if you are more inclined towards a personal brand blog.

What you can do when choosing domain name:

  • Make use of keywords mentioned in your blogging niche
  • Find relatable words that sum up your blogging goals
  • Make it short and simple (2-3 words)
  • Easy to type and remember
  • Use unique and relevant words
  • Pronounceable and representable

Don’t need to overthink about it. Just go with the one you think is brandable for your blog.

And there you go, utilizing the niche keywords in your blog let creating domain name so much easier.



  • if domain name is a home address
  • then website hosting is the bungalow you live in

Web hosting – A platform/place used to store all website files you have for your blog. Your lost and found go-to-place.

It actually does more than you thought when you can create unlimited emails accounts, gives shield to protect your blog’s safety, and restore backups of files for your blog.

And Siteground is the real deal for anyone to start a blog effortlessly. Here are what their plan provides that makes creating a blog super easy.

You will…

  • Get a free SSL certificate
  • Daily data backups for your database storage
  • Unlimited email accounts for use
  • 24/7 customer support team ready to solve your problem
  • Cheap and affordable cost
  • Fast speed network

You can get your domain and web host with this link of Siteground to create your first blog. I did the same by investing in Siteground for the first year, and my blog has been running well with it.

Only did I regret not purchasing for a longer plan (3-years), as it’s super affordable to have great services with them.

So I definitely recommend anyone who wants to create their blog to invest in the long term (aka 3-year plan) if you plan to earn an income with it, as the price goes up after your first purchase.

>> Grab this link to start your blog with Siteground today! <<

Just think about this, if you’re trying to make money, you first have to invest in your business, right? And starting a blog only cost you as minimum as $3.95 per month, which is super cheap as an investment for the foundation of your business.

I mean where can we find a business to start at under $4?

Not to mention you can earn back ALOT of money after investing in it.

It’s just that you won’t be able to make money immediately.

It takes time and effort to grow a blog.

So what are you waiting for? Start a blog and create the opportunity to live the life you want.

Choose the StartUp plan is what I recommend for newbie bloggers as you’ve just started out. *But don’t forget to go for 3 years if you want to save up money.

Start A Blog To Make Money

Choose and type the domain name you want to purchase.

how to start a blog

Fill in the details for your account and carefully type in the payment info.

start a blog to make moneye

Nice, we are almost done until this part!


Good job! You’ve completed the registration for your blog and we are moving on to set up your site.

Click on the Set-Up Site and select ‘Start New Website’ >> ‘WordPress’ to proceed.

Start A Blog To Make Money

If you wish to add any of the privacy protection methods, add them to the cart and click ‘Finish’. These are to protect your website for privacy factors.

Or you can make up your mind and purchase later.

Start A Blog that makes money

Yes, you’re one step away from your new blog! Let’s create your custom email and password for your new WordPress site.

Note: This email & password is for you to log in to WordPress later.

Start A Blog To Make Money

STEP 4 – Getting your blog online

Now that you’ve completed all the essentials to create your blog, it’s time to check into your blog!

Head to Dashboard after completing the purchase. Login to your Dashboard >> Click on Website.

You’ll be brought to your site immediately!

Next, login to your WordPress site by typing your domain name with wp-admin at the back on the search bar.

Babysteps to take:

  • Bookmark this WordPress login page it for easy log in next time.
  • Type in the email & password that you entered during registration.
  • Open new tab and head to your email inbox to confirm your purchase.

STEP 5 – Choose a WordPress theme

And that’s it! You’re finally at your company site and WordPress will guide you with choosing these lovely themes. 

Here’s our favourite step – choosing a theme that suits your blog style.

Which type of theme should you choose?

Go for the simple and clean design to give your new website to the best user experience. Make sure its layout is functional or has a sidebar to increase engagements.

Here I recommend looking out some beautiful themes at CreativeMarket if you love pretty themes and want to add a personal vibe to your blog.

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Changing WordPress theme

If you want to change a theme on WordPress;

Go to Dashboard >> Appearance >> Themes >> Add New >> Search for new theme

In this case, I’m choosing the Ashe blog as my theme because it has a clear and white plain background which makes text easier to read.

Click on your theme >> Activate it >> Customize your preferences from toolbar

You can also read the documentation with tutorials from the Ashe blog theme to design your blog.

You can learn to familiarise yourself with the tools on your dashboard. This backend sidebar toolkit is going to be there for you to learn start creating a new post, add graphic media, customize your blog’s look, etc.

As you practice a few times, you get better and will work like a pro with this behind the scene bar. It’s going to be your bread and butter later on!

Step 5 – Select plugins for your blog

Alright, let’s continue with the installations of plugins These are apps to provide extra functionality to your website.

Every blog theme has their pros and cons and a plugin is what makes it perfect.

Here’s a list of plugins free to install and activate in WordPress,

  1. Yoast SEO – To analyze your blog statistics and improve overall SEO
  2. GDPR Cookie Consent – To ensure your blog comply with the law
  3. Smush – To automatically compress the size of image to reduce space
  4. Contact Form 7 – To easily add a contact form on your home page
  5. UpdraftPlus – To make sure backups are done

Remember to activate your plugin after installing them to use.

You should also set up your Google Analytics and Google Search Console on your blog.

Take it slow till here because it’s going to be lots of information to consume, and don’t worry because you will do better after familiarising with the backend stuff.

Step 6 – Create core pages for your blog

Horray, you have done so much up to this point! So it’s a win!

And we are going to set up your about me, contact and the legal pages.

An About Me Page

If you are always happy to introduce yourself, creating an interactive about page can even make your blog more interesting and trustworthy for readers.

To set up your about me page, go to Dashboard >> Appearance >> Sidebar

Drag the image text box to add your photo, then add your blog description with another text box. That’s it!

It’s important to have a sidebar for your blog because it just makes more sense for people when scrolling through your blog post.

I’ve set up my about page here, you can know a little more about me here. 😉

Legal Pages

Okay, now all about the legal stuff. It is required by the law that you should have a privacy policy on your blog to comply with the law. As you’ve just started, I recommend first getting some must-have legal pages on your blog first.

Here are some of them:

  • Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy Policy
  • Disclaimer

These are the important ones you need to include in your blog pages.

To avoid doing research for days looking for the right legal templates, I suggest getting these legal templates from a lawyer or grab yours from the Termly Templates Generator.

Contact Pages

Remember to create a contact me page for using the Contact Form 7 plugin to let people get in touch with you.

Go to contact form 7 >> Fill in the email and details >> Set up contact page on your main menu/navigation bar (anywhere that’s easy to be seen!)

This is a great way if people are looking for collaborations with you. They can immediately send you a message to your inbox. Also, you can set up your company email at Siteground by logging into your hosting account.

Go to Website >> Site Tools >> Dashboard >> Emails >> Create your company email! You can create unlimited emails for work and the company of your website.

Step 7 – Create Content For Your Readers

There are literally no restrictions in creating the content you love for your readers.

But that’s if you want to keep it as personal diary online. You cannot just write about anything that comes to your mind when sharing with the audience.

You need to write helpful content that is beneficial for people to solve a problem, even with simple steps.

Popular posts are How To’s, tutorials, reviews, roundup posts with tons of valuable info that people are looking for.

Do topic research

Doing the research before you write about a topic would help you to write up a comprehensive guide about a topic.

It’s like doing homework for your readers a day before – before they search want they want from Google.

Do keyword research

By starting with research, I suggest you head over to UberSuggest that provides keyword ideas for your blog posts.

It’s a tool for bloggers/marketers to look for SEO keywords that determine how well can your article be ranked if you choose the right keywords.

Word count

Your posts don’t need to be too long, it’s good enough to write around (1500-2000) words for better engagement.

Writing more than that would give readers a hard time to read.

Make sure your posts are well organized with messages delivered clearly to readers, you can always click on the “preview” button before you post your article to see if it’s mobile-friendly to the users online.

[UPDATE] Must-Read Articles For Bloggers To Write High Quality Content

Step 8 – Make Money With Blogging

I believe no bloggers think that blogging is an easy or fast-to-get-rich plan for them.

They write about their passions and share experiences which they think it’ll be helpful to people at times.

Putting time and effort into blogging is their way to continue to provide great content that readers love.

Yes, you have to put in time and effort

At the same time, bloggers are paying bills to make a living, so by dedicating their effort into blogging, they depend on some ways to support themselves – and also remain to provide free contents that are great for everyone.

So let’s see what are some of the ways that are popular for bloggers to make revenues:

  • Ads
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling Products
  • Guest Posts
  • Sponsored Posts

These are some methods to turn your blog into a profitable online business, and it is what that motivates you to write amazing blog posts to readers!

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Share this blog tutorial if it is helpful for you to start a blog from scratch. Take action and start creating your blog and launch it. Create that opportunity for yourself and you’ll thank yourself a year later.

Final note to start a blog and create more money opportunity

There are so many ways to launch your business online, blogging is just one of them that I can now share with you what I’ve learned so far – starting a profitable blog.

My hope is to grow my blog and turn it into a profitable business.

In this post I’ve walk you through the process of creating your blog with Siteground.

You should already know that it didn’t have to take you a day to set up a blog and it’s possible to do this with zero experience.

But you need to stay consistent and be willing to put in effort to grow your blog.

You will see results, just not the immediate one.

Are you ready to start a profitable blog?

I’m sure you are now excited to start building your own blog and making money blogging possible.

Then it’s time to take action!

You can always come back to this post to refer to the process of starting a blog. It’s a home for you, read my blogging tips to speed up your blog growth and traffic.

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