100+ Logo Design Ideas To Brand Your Creative Business

Do you need a branded logo for your creative business?

I asked myself this simple question when I just started blogging.

While having no experience to blog before, the answer for me is straight- I don’t need it at the moment!

Because I was thinking it wasn’t gonna help me to think about the best of the best content to share with creatives like you, neither it is going to bring me the traffic for my blog.

Having the content is my priority in mind, I just wanted to share with you on how is it possible to start a blog and make money blogging doing what you love asap.

And I did it! By delivering a free easy guide teaching you how to exactly start a blog (if you haven’t already owned one), you can be like one of us, to start earning a side income through your blog.

I definitely recommend you have a read so that you can also start earning a side income blogging as many other bloggers do!

Okay getting back to our topic, where I was in doubt to having a logo on my blog,


And I was totally WRONG and making a big mistake…(silly me)

Because you definitely need one beautiful and chic logo on your best blog as it represents your business or the good stuff that you’re offering!

I have made my logo here in Canva, with the idea of joyful and bright colors I would love it to have!

A good logo shows more than just a brand or a business.

In fact, I realized that logo is where the first impression made when people come to visit a blog, other than the theme and content that they’re looking for.

You (will) want to make sure your logo showing at the top of your main page is looking good so that everything looks professional about your creative business.

An ugly logo could ever chase your visitors away and they will never come back looking for the same, even if you have the best solution to their answer!

That’s why it is wise that you should take time choosing an amazing logo for your brand to engage with your audience and get recognization with your unique brand.

Let’s take a look at these 100+ logo design ideas that might be a perfect fit for your creative business!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if a purchase is made through the links. Read my full disclosure here.

100+ Logo Design Ideas To Brand Your Creative Business

1. Floral Hand Drawn Logos

By Maggie Molloy

As a floral doodle art lover, I can’t stress how much these whimsical flowers have been soothing to the eye by just looking at them!

These hand-drawn flowers could literally make my day, and if you are running a cute and elegant business/blog, these floral logos are perfect there to support your business goals.

The artist has also included PSD files for this logo bundle so that you can easily customize them without needing any vector editing program. That is so sweet of hers, do check them out!

2. Natural Botanical Handmade Logos

By amber&ink

These botanical illustrations can represent your brand aesthetically with the beauty of nature.

I like how each of them shows the variety in terms of styling and bring out its uniqueness within the logo itself.

They have many elements from botanical, flowers, insects, faces, and most every logo symbol to suit your needs to design a beautiful one!

3. Wild Love Fonts Symbols & Logos

By Angèle Kamp

If you always stumbled upon pretty fonts with a minimalistic look, this lovely and hand-lettered typeface can go well with your style!

With this lovely script that comes with symbol illustrations, you can easily create your brand logo with beautiful textures or even designing quotes for your IG stories.

This collection also includes 6 stunning premade logos for you if you haven’t got an idea for your logo, so do refer to them if you want a stunning logo right away.

4. Hand Gestures Pre-Made Logos


This set of logos are made with dreamy elements like the moon, floral with feminine hand gestures that look aesthetically pleasing.

It has 100 ready to use pre-made logos and is designed in a way that you can use your personal or business name easily.

This logo bundle will require designing software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator to be edited fully in vector images.

5. Gouache Hand Drawn Colour Elements

By Maggie Molloy

This collection is super cute if you are planning to create a unique design with your logo.

They have separate elements so that you can make combinations with your own when designing your logo.

That means it doesn’t require any vector editing software so you can easily edit or design them in Canva, a free tool for designing graphics!

6. 101  Hand-Drawn Logo Elements

By Maggie Molloy

I guess I just have fond with pretty hand-drawn elements! This logo bundle consists of 101 elements you can play around with to find your one and only logo design!

It is great for any small business owner to own a simple yet minimalistic logo to represent the whole idea of your business.

For example, I would rather buy embroidery supplies from an online shop if its branded logo is featured by a simple embroidery hoop!

It will be more memorable for customers to remember what kind of services you’re offering to them.

7. Home sweet home logos

By Marish

These home sweet home logos are perfect for a personal blog if you happen to have one!

They look much simplified and complete with the clear cut fonts by the side.

If you are running a chalet or cottage business, these premade logos are ready to use as soon as buying a license from them.

8. Mandala Premade Logo Sets

By Lina Chervenkova

Mandala premade logos for mindful and artistic representation of your blog or business.

Watercolour elements and inky mandala are included in this bundle.

It can be fully edited with the free Canva tool if you don’t own any vector editing program!

After choosing a logo, what’s next?


You need to read about the general license provided for your designed logo to be sure that it’s permitted for commercial use or not. (do this before you buy a logo at anywhere)

If you’re planning to add the logo to a business social media account, make sure you purchase the commercial license for the logo.

Because you don’t want to violate the terms of these design assets while trying to make your startup business successful.


1. Make sure to understand the license that you’re purchasing for these logos.

2. Each commercial license may vary for the design assets, so read their terms or ask the logo designer personally to clarify your needs.

3. Don’t use personal fonts/elements to make a logo for your blog & branding! Go for a commercial license.

That’s it!

You can start designing your logos with these pretty elements to make your blog/business more representable and reputable!

Some of them can also be used to design products like art prints, invitation cards and graphics to be used on your websites.

Anyways if you are not getting a logo for yourself, you can also check out the free collection of release every week in Creative Market,

You get to take away these 6 free goods. Enjoy!

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