5 Brilliant Ways To Make Money Blogging When You Just Started

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I assumed that you’re here (with a blog) and you want to learn how to start earning some money through monetizing it.

But here’s the point, you might just be getting started and don’t know which way to go…

And it’s definitely normal!

No one is gifted as a blogger (at least not with the help of resources and tools) and I believe that every big blogger out there has once played small too.

But they also grow through their mistakes, failures, small wins and become someone who we look up to today.

The following brilliant ways are what you can start taking action right now to better increase your blog’s income with multiple streams of income.

So let’s get to it.

10 Brilliant Ways To Make Money Blogging When You Just Started

1. Affiliate Marketing

The thing is, even if you have just started a brand new blog and having the least traffic out of all blogs in the world, with affiliate marketing you still stand a good chance to make a sale.

It is a great way to let beginner bloggers start small by having a targeted audience and still able to earn a pretty good income when they choose the right affiliate programs.

The benefits of Affiliate Marketing are awesome when you get to promote products that suit (your audience needs) and they make a purchase from you without costing any extra, you get a cut from that sale.


⭐️ ShareASale

With 3,900+ affiliate programs to join, ShareASale is welcomed with new affiliates to leverage sales with their profile credibility. 

They have tons of different categories of affiliate programs from fashion, DIY, home decor, fitness, home gardening any that you think of in your blog niche!

So I highly recommend getting into their program so you can easily find out products that are suitable to promote in your blog.

⭐️ Amazon Affiliate Program

The amazon affiliate program can be a very good opportunity for new bloggers to start making money as soon as you sign up with them.

Look for the right products that will cater your audience needs, that’s a vital part from what I learned from my affiliate sales mistake.

You just need to sign up with your blog and provide the details in what niche you blog about, and they will respond to your request after a few days. It’s that easy!

2. Digital Products

If you’re a creative person and has just begun with your blog, then creating digital products is a great start to warm up your blogging income!

I don’t mean that you shouldn’t be creating if you don’t consider yourself creative, because everybody can have their own way of creativity!

And making your own digital products is the best way to start monetizing your blog even if you have zero experience in creating one.

⭐️ Types of digital products to create:

  • Printables
  • Planners
  • Stickers
  • IG templates

You can easily create them with free design tools like Canva and just save them into .pdf form before you launch the product.

⭐️ Mindset and research

Don’t be fearful of creating a new digital product when you plan, it doesn’t need to be perfect, but it needs to provide the value and a solution to your readers.

Do your research well and see if that digital product has got its place in the market. Look for inspirations from Pinterest to see whether there are similar products that people are raving to buy.

You can create your own version and sell it on your blog straight!

3. Ebooks

I decided to break this up with digital products even though ebooks are a category in the making process of digital products.

Here’s because ebooks are much valuable and a profitable system to help you gain in a consistent income in the future.

In the meantime, it requires the least investment that you can start with which is your time and effort to create it.

Why Ebook is Profitable for Your Business?

The secrets of bloggers that are making a full-time income today – their main source of income come from affiliate sales, digital products and ebooks (being the biggest chunk of the sales) that helps bring in tons of income!

Ebooks aren’t outdated yet as long as you are giving out good values to your people.

⭐️ How to write an ebook?

Write an ebook that resonates well with your audience and help them to solve a problem, they’ll be glad to buy something that are useful for them.

For example, you can write up a DIY natural soap guide and sell it on your craft blog or publish an ebook about how to have a clean face with daily step routines on your beauty blog.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the word of publishing, you just have to bring the ebooks on your blog and start promoting them and gaining your traffic.

⭐️ Here’s how it works:

  • Plan your content (the book itself doesn’t have to be glamorous, your readers just need the content that is helpful)
  • Write your book 
  • Review and finalise the look
  • Find a sales funnel to sell

4. Pinterest Marketing

⭐️ How does Pinterest work?

Do you know that Pinterest helps so much when it comes to driving affiliate sales? It is known for searching visual inspirations, but you (can) actually make your first sale while using Pinterest to boost your blog traffic.

Know that the traffic to your blog is important if you want to bring in more sales from your blog. And you can make all of this happen on autopilot by just implementing the right techniques!

Here’s what I did to improve my blog traffic on Pinterest:

Since I started this blog, I couldn’t find more of a way to help me get more traffic. (as I’m not quite on social media) And you’re probably seeing this post because that I’ve been active on Pinterest!

That’s why I highly recommend any beginner bloggers to learn to pin with the right strategies and grow your blog traffic within 1 month of time!

Here’s the course that makes me get my first 1000 impressions on Pinterest within 1 week. (Yes, it’s my post of all the pins I pinned!)

And I lied, It’s even more than a 1000+ impressions!

⭐️ >>Grab the course here<<

Check out Ell’s course if you want to boost your blog traffic with Pinterest pinning.

I also want to remind that it’s better to first invest on this course if you want to posts pins on Pinterest, or not your Pinterest account might be a mess (or even get flagged) when you look back.

So it’s better to invest in a course that can benefit your blog and hitting that first sale goal quicker.

Here’s my Pinterest account growth up-to-date, you can check and see how I benefit from the course!

5. Services

Offering services can be a great way to start monetizing your blog by working with clients, companies or collaborate with bloggers. Be sure to add a service tab on the navigation menu of your blog to let people know that you’re interested to work with them or they can easily send you a message in the contact form.

That’s how people know that you’re available when they need help or feedback from you.

⭐️ How do offer services make good money with your blog?

Offering services helps you build authority, credibility and trust from other bloggers. Other than that, you can earn a side income with what you can provide and share with other bloggers!

Start offering simple service that you have a strength for, an example guiding others to make stand out graphics if they couldn’t create something good as yours, give consulting services in your niche or become a freelance copywriter.

You’ll never know the person who’d collaborate with you will come back for another visit. So give it a try!

⭐️ Here are some resources you need before offering services:

And there you go, some really profitable yet fun ways to get your blog running while you really want to make a good income with it from the start.

Find something you’re good at and take action.

Put your effort in and do the work, along the way you might even form new connections and build the relationship with others. And that’s worth it to have someone else growing their blog with you. 

Let me know what you did first to kickstart your money-making blog, did I missed any ways to help you earn a few more bucks when you’re just at the beginning stages of your blog? I’d like to add them to the list! 

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  1. Thank you for these great tips. So far I have just added Amazon affiliate to my blog and really need to step up my game.

    1. That’s good Monica! I’m sure you can do this!

  2. Thank you so much for this information! I just started blogging and bookmarked this post for reference.

    1. You’re welcome, Stephanie! Hope this helps, you can always try these out and see which fits you more as an income source. Keep going!

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