How To Make Small Passive Income Starting From Today

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This post is what I’ve been on lately and find out what works best for my schedule while wanting to make small passive income.

I don’t know about you, but passive income for me is not really just sitting down and waiting/ not thinking about it.

Passive income form doesn’t come to me that way, and I’d thought to still own some extra amount of money so that I can use it for my own personal use.

It’s always good to have a small passive income getting started, so I thought why not?

Before I get into it, also I want to tell you that these are no forms of incomes that you want to depend on fully or waiting for the free lunch…

Because that certainly isn’t happening!

Today I want to share with you how was I able to create a small passive income during my wee hours.

Hope it helps you to achieve yours!

Get onboard with survey platforms

Free during your snacking time or resting hours?

Feeling bored but longing to start a passive income without stressing yourself out?

Then taking paid surveys might be a good idea for you!

As participating in these get paid to do surveys, earning a couple of small income is achievable in a straightforward way.

When you took a full survey on platform like PrizeRebel, you earn actual money by gaining points from the polls.

It’s not an income to be honest, but great to try out if you’re thinking of having some extra funds for yourself.

For me, it makes sense when I was able to earn extra money from a whiz of doing online biz.

I believe it but didn’t know that it could happen.

Why is PrizeRebel a worth try idea?

From trials and error, I wanted to say that not many companies are there available with surveys and offerwalls for users to complete as much.

However, it is different this time from PrizeRebel that I could see results from small effort being put in day by day!

What I mean was that earning the money from these surveys can be a great accompany to what I have for now.

It’s actually great to just answer a survey and get paid for doing them – when I spend my time watching TV’s or even before a class.

And the biggest thing is that it not only works for when I done the first survey….

But also for the next surveys incoming,

I can see that there were some consistent results here.

Happy points results

From this get-go list, you can see that I’ve earned points mainly from the Daily Survey because – it suppose everyday with one survey that you can complete.

I was satisfied and happy for the result!

However, it is not that everyday, you get to qualified for a survey for sure. This depends totally on the demographic that surveys are looking for and are you a fit one to them.

If you closely observe the list, you would also see that:

  • I have gained some really tiny points (those with 2 pt) they are disqualified but rewarded with points.
  • Another thing to mention is consistent pay out points per day if I was having more free time

So there are opportunities here to earn small bucks depending on different factors:

  1. Getting qualified for the surveys
  2. Being active/ having leisure time to start doing surveys

And before I forget, you only need a PayPal account as a way to transfer earnings to your personal savings.

That’s it!

So let me tell you about the story of getting paid for the first time online.

Getting the first pay

I remember getting the first payment from survey companies – though this is not my first ones that got me results out of all that I have tried out,

PrizeRebel is the one of them out there that has provide consistent surveys and rewards.

Again, there’s effort to be made in this small passive income stream, but it’s great that:

  • There’s a minimum investment in order to start
  • Getting access to a phone with Internet is good to go!
  • Giving in your time in exchange for some money

This all depends on your motives on making small money starting from today and do you need them.

Not everyone is willing to do so and there’s no reason they have to!


Understanding what the situation is now

Of course the feeling of gaining money through online still is unbelievable to me, but here I want to show you about the earnings I have gotten starting from January 2020.

And also to the at the end of this month…

I was earning a $10 for the effort of completing surveys and answering questions through online.

And then a straight two months of around the same amount of range.

Then the money stopped rolling in for 5 months as I was actually not around to reactivate my account and start doing surveys again.

Was pretty busy with work, job and life and couldn’t make up more time for this! That’s why you can see that there’s a big gap on the listings.

Reactivating account and a Surprise.

I didn’t want to say that this accidentally happens for no reason and I logged in back to the account some days.

To tell the truth, it’s actually the feeling of building these kinds of small passive income is not easy at all and some days when I needed it back as a support, I log back in!

This time wasn’t that different, at first I did want to see if I could cashout some money that I’ve ever had.

small passive income
The points in account during July

But it requires 500 points which means to take out the money I would at least need $5 in the account.

Sadly is I don’t reach the goal yet to cash out – with only around 244pts allocated.

The coming days

I started logging back into my account another day after that dissappointing day I couldn’t make any from my account.

I knew that there are also contests and raffles in play to boost points by getting entries using the available point,

But I didn’t consider that because I know there is a lot lesser chance to win with lucky.

So I decided to not try luck this time and get back to work – paying more attention to surveys and polls that I can take.

But luck came for a reason this time.

Getting more chances to earn points

There’s so many reasons that I could get disqualified from thousands of different surveys out there,

And nevertheless, I do not have chances to get enrol in so many of them…

But I knew that this platform is good for someone who wants to earn quick cash because they are trusted and I have seen results.

Before the days I started earning more points, I have also recommended PrizeRebel to some of my friends who might be interested too.

And I have no idea if they would see this as a way of making small passive income.

  • Since it’s not a guarantee that you get to participate in surveys everyday
  • There’s screener to pass the test before you enrol in surveys.

The surprise that I got from PrizeRebel one day is that I’ve been earning points without taking any surveys.

Seeing great results

In the mid September, I received an email saying that my account has grown to the next – at gold level.

That means I’m able to get payments transferred from PrizeRebel without having to wait in 24 hours.

And it was really amazing to see the account grows, but I didn’t figure out how I got into the Gold from the Bronze level.

So out of curious I log back into the account to make sure if everything’s right.

There’s points being added to my account!

Later then I got my September account’s overview:

I didn’t take any surveys during that month but my referrals are helping out!

As you can see from the result:

  • No points were available in my account because I have claimed them
  • The stats were simple – Gaining new referrals from friends & more chances to earn points/ rewards

Checking in:

This is the custom dashboard with stats that I have with a few referrals helping out.

Those points were converted into my account along with my few tries on surveys that are completed successfully.

After claiming the reward on PrizeRebel, I continued to make my free time while at home studying and spend some time a day to do surveys.

The day I claimed this reward when I didn’t know my account is still rolling in points by referrals

When I check my referral stats, there were actually some of them still taking surveys on the go!

And that was really unexpected because I’ve never seen results yet from other platforms!

PS: would also recommend SurveyTime ($1 per survey) as for earning small cash in a wiz.

// Until to date in October

I can really see that small incomes can be made through these survey platforms and was happy to say that some of them works!

If you are wondering what are referrals in PrizeRebel:

  • They are friends/ people that you recommend to join PrizeRebel through your referral link
  • You earn 25% of points from referral friends when a survey is completed.
  • You can have unlimited referrals to refer at PrizeRebel!

So it’s a really small but good initiative as a smart passive income to start today.

Effort does not always = The results.

You might not see results coming in the beginning through referrals, but there are also surveys from different offers that you can complete too.

This post serves as a part to help you earn small passive income that are achievable if you work on them.

The opinions here are through the experiences on the platform and words on my own. Definitely not trying to brag about the results in anyways!

Playing your part in surveys are equally important before you refer people to sign up:

  1. Let your friends know about your experience on surveys
  2. Understand good survey practices
  3. Let them know the results with proof you have got

And if they are interested in this small hustle, send them a referral link to the PrizeRebel website to get started.

I think that’s all you need to know about starting with this small passive income.

So feel free to check them out if you are excited to earn your first small passive income!

Despite having more and more people are needing to participate in surveys during these trying times to make themselves a support, there’s still room to say that this platform is doing their best to allow everyone with an opportunity to earn small incomes.

It doesn’t require you anything but time and attention to take answering questions from marketing services and lots of other researches.

And that will be it for today’s long rant and a dedicated post about how to make small passive income through legitimate ways online.

You can click the link down below to get started with PrizeRebel for free~ Go and earn your small passive income today~

That’s it for today’s post, I hope that helps to anyone wanting to earn a small income!

Thanks for reading!

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