5 Pinterest Tips To Explode Your Blog Traffic

pinterest tips to explode blog traffic

Do you find your blog difficult to gain traffic?

No matter you’ve promoted how many blog post in share threads or putting your content out there, it just doesn’t seem to work for your blog.

You don’t have the traffic that’s essential for your blog.

No traffic = no sales = no income.

Having bad traffic can be discouraging for many bloggers especially when they do not know the right way to improve it.

Not to say that some are not consistently blogging and keep pumping out content,

It’s easily to get discourage when bloggers cannot see the growth in traffic.


And 98% of bloggers fail because of not having enough traffic to survive.

So you already know that Pinterest is a super booster for generating organic traffic directly to your blog posts…

But know that this visual tool is going to bring you tons of traffic only if you know how to implement the right strategies.

YOU don’t want to miss finding out hacks that will help you to gain the traffic you deserve on Pinterest!

Your job to do as a blogger

Remember you will get traffic if you give what your readers want and help them solve their problem, as simple as that.

If you want to boost your blog traffic by 209% with Pinterest, committing to the 5 best Pinterest tips below will give you a very good chance to grow your blog audiences.

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Pinterest Tips To Explode Your Blog Traffic

1. Optimize your Pinterest Profile for SEO purposes

Yes, you heard it right! Pinterest has it’s SEO homework for you. 

I remember when creating a Pinterest business account, I didn’t know that it’s necessary to include keywords on my profile bio. 

Remember that Pinterest is a search engine. People will search for relevant keywords to find their solution.

So it’s necessary to tell Pinterest you are all about in this niche. 

When people search about a topic that’s closely related to your blog niche, guess what, your profile is going to show up in the front page!

What steps you can take:

Go to Pinterest and search for a single keyword related to your niche. eg: business tips. Pinterest will come up with several popular searches that people are raving on.

eg: successful business tips, small business tips, business tips for women, entrepreneurship business tips

Pinterest Tips To Explode Your Blog Traffic

These are all the juicy keywords that rank high on Pinterest and has a group of people searching for.

See it, Pinterest is generous enough to give you all the keywords to form your next blog post ideas!

Add keywords to make your profile searchable

Make use of the keywords you searched and add them to your Pinterest profile, bio description and board titles to rank higher in Pinterest.

Your pin description should always include:

  • Core keywords of the topic
  • Let people curious about what they can get eg: start by asking a question
  • 2-3 hashtags to spread your pin reach (more than that will be spammy)

As you write more post related to your niche surrounding with these keywords, your traffic will improve greatly over time.

2. Create clickable pins that are high converting

Remember the function of pins are meant to be as visualistic as possible. 

People are more likely to click into stunning pins compared to a not-so-beautiful pin.

Because they’ve got the choice!

But it’s okay, using the guide below to will help you figure out how to create a stand out pin.

Standard pin size

Keep in mind with your pin size to 2:3 aspect ratio as Pinterest stated.

600 x 900px1000 x 1500 px1200 x 1800 px2000 x 3000 px

Make use of stock photos

I definitely admit that using stock photos on your pins makes a difference to create great looking pins.

It just make your graphic look more realistic, professional and relatable.

I use Ivory Mix styled stock photos to create new pins because there’s a wide variety to choose from and their photographs are in high quality.

Highly recommend bloggers to check out their free stock photos giveaway if you want to make gorgeous pins, but are in a budget.

What steps you can take:

Go to Canva >> Create your new pin and upload the stock photos you want to use. 

Stick with 2-3 colours of your brand and rely on them when adding fonts and backgrounds.

Make your font title big enough to be seen when people are scrolling through their feed. 

Get your brand recognisation

You will want people to recognise your pins and make them more clickable.

Get their attention with your pins

This will help you build up a good follower base and generate back the traffic to your blog.  

Important elements to create high converting pins:

  • Bold fonts (avoid script or calligraphy fonts that are difficult to read)
  • Stock photos ( show professionalism and create resonance with readers)
  • Catchy titles with powerful words eg:  (top, must-read, boost, cheap, ultimate) 
  • Light colour background – enhance the visibility of text

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3. Create fresh pins to schedule 

Pinterest is constantly refreshing their content for users to look out for the latest ideas. 

And yeah, Pinterest would love to share your new pins to others! 

Keep creating high-converting pins and see which one works better for the overall engagement by clicking on Pinterest Analytics. 

Stick to those pins layout that can provide you more clicks and impressions. 

From there, pick out which font pairs, background, layout, pin sizing that suits best for your target audience. 

What steps you can take:

Start by creating 3 pins for the latest posts and pin them to different relevant boards of your own or group boards. 

This will greatly improve your blog post reach and boost your blog traffic by getting your pins featured with Pinterest latest feed.

Pinterest always shows the latest pins compared to older ones.

Change the background or text layout

Keep your pins fresh with different kinds of layouts to increase the visibility of your pins. 

  • Use contrast colours to show variation and clarity of text
  • Take photographs of your own (related to the pin title) if possible, or not use stock photos
  • Keep it simple for the whole pinning design to avoid straining to the eye

Manually pinning

It can be overwhelming when you first create multiple pins to schedule on Pinterest manually. 

Imagine you have to create pins and upload 20 of them to different boards, the process will be endless if you do not know how to pin effectively.

Use scheduling tools

That’s where Tailwind comes in handy to bulk scheduling pins for your account.

It’s a relieving fact to know that Tailwind is helping me to schedule pins even when I’m sleeping. zZZ

There are definitely some features of Tailwind that acts like a superpower where I will not be able to do.

For example, while I’m staying in Malaysia it’s not possible for me to wake up at 3 o’clock blindly pinning for any active audience that is living in other countries with the time difference we have.

Practice makes perfect

I started slow too but now I’m able to create them easily with Tailwind using previous layouts made in Canva.

My current pinning process in Tailwind:

Upload designed pin >> Add title & description (keywords) >> Save ALL of them to related boards (schedule for weeks) >> Go back to creating content

And Repeat!

The practice is worth the effort when you see the results of your Pinterest stats growing!

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4. Schedule 15-20 pins each day

The volume of pins you are pinning each day to your Pinterest account can make a difference to your stats, especially for monthly unique visitors.

You can even gain more followers when you pin consistently.


But don’t get me wrong, it’s important not to pin more than that if you’re a having a startup account to avoid your feed looking spammy. 

Tailwind has a smart guide reminder that acts as a compass to ensure I’m not overly pinning daily.

It gives less worry for bloggers to avoid getting banned by Pinterest due to spamming factors.

What steps you can take:

Pin effectively

You can schedule 20 pins manually on Pinterest or use Tailwind to automatically pin them to different boards in weeks of time. 

By then, you only have to create fresh pins and upload them to Tailwind weekly.

Other times, you can sit back and relax while seeing your blog traffic constantly growing! 

OR if you are dedicated to growing your blog, just head back to creating new content!

Repeat these steps to get more reshares and repins from others. 

Share your pins to Tailwind Tribes

Oh, not to forget adding your pins to Tailwind tribes can get you more reshare every month! 

You can submit up to 30 pins to relevant tribes and let it take time to go viral when members are sharing them.

More reshares, more fun traffic!

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5. Learn Pinterest Marketing tactics

If you’ve read down to this point, I’m sure that we are both on the same page – to boost Pinterest traffic and convert them to organic traffic without complicated technical stuff to handle.

What I can assure you is that 95% of my blog traffic now is mainly from Pinterest. (And still improving!) 

This all thanks to the pinning strategies I learned from Pinterest with Ell. 

Try out the latest Pinterest Marketing Strategies

Ell shares all her Pinterest experience – jampack with valuable techniques and steps to help me go through the pinning process effectively. 

I don’t think it’s fair to reveal all the details in her course because clearly a lot of work and effort is done from her end. 

But you can check out her full course here!

>> Check out this course of Pinterest with Ell here! <<

After 5 tips, what’s next?

Reading this post but not implementing the tips is like getting no candy for your blog. 🍭

🍭 Grow Your Blog Traffic

Trust me, I’ve been there and wanting to try everything out by myself. But the outcome is not the effective one as I want.

Low traffic and zero visitors per day are devastating when starting a brand new blog.

🍭 Hone your pinning skills

I knew I have to do something that will improve my blog’s visibility to drive me loads of traffic.

And investing in a Pinterest course is the most correct thing I’ve ever done!

Of course, there are A LOT of info out there to consume and helps you boost your blog traffic. 

But it takes time and long scrolls to find out whether it’s effective or right to be implemented the whole time. 

Unless you want to let your blog grow naturally, (I wish too but it never happen from my end)

The best way you can do is to quickly get a good grasp on how to skyrocket your Pinterest traffic using the right way.

>> Learn more about the Pinterest Marketing course here! <<


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  1. Hello Coley, these are nice tips you have shared and very helpful, especially to new bloggers. I have been using Tailwind as well but then there are a lot of changes since the fresh pin strategy. I have read an article using Tailwind as well if I can share it with you >>https://www.leahcanseco.com/how-to-increase-blog-traffic-with-tailwind/. Cheers and happy pinning!

    1. I’ve had a read and it’s a detailed guide with good tips, thanks for the suggestion!

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