10 Reasons You Struggle To Be Productive At Work During Quarantine

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Are you coming up with a productive plan during this quarantine session? Well if not, you’ll have to know what’s holding you back from being productive and proactive working from home during this lockdown period.

After months of having online meetings and starting to work at home, I bet some of you all are starting to get used to the working environment in your space, unlike how you begin to work online from Day 1.

But sometimes you just feel like you’re not efficient and best at what you do? So what’s the matter that has been disturbing you to work amazingly during the day?

Let’s check out these 10 reasons that are holding you back from boosting productivity and momentum at work.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission if you decide to make a purchase through these links, at no extra cost to you. Read my full disclosure for more info.

10 Reasons You Struggle To Be Productive At Work During Quarantine

1) Spending too much time on social media

I’m sure we all have been in this situation, the first thing when we wake up in the morning, we can’t help but to check out the latest feed on social media to see what’s happening around our social circles.

And that’s a bad habit to start off your day with many distractions around the web.

As a blogger, I too struggle on letting go of my phone in the morning to see if there’s anything to update on social follows.

But I’m trying my best to change this toxic habit and reduce my screen time on virtual devices to stay energized and focus working at home.

2) Working in an unorganized space

It’s hard to feel productive when you’re not working in a clutter-free workplace.

A simple tip to minimize distraction at work is to keep your desk clean!

Well, you’re going to make most of the productive times in front of your working desk, so save yourself an ideal environment that will give you the right atmosphere to work effortlessly.

Don’t believe it? Try it out, it worked out every time when I needed to study for a hardcore Chemistry subject.

3) Lacking passion in the work you do

You can easily fell into that devastated loop if you don’t have any enthusiasm at what you do or create for your task.


It’s just difficult for humans to work continuously without a reason they’d love to pursue. Whether it’s to achieve your dreams, building up a successful business, or a simple task that can make you happy once you completed it.

All these little moments are the goals that remind us to keep motivated and stay away from frustrations at work.

That’s why it’s essential to find back the passion you live on to work happily.


1) Remember why you started out this career – Ask WHY’s questions.

eg: Why do you want to work as a blogger? What’s the reason you started (this job)?

Maybe it’s to share positive messages to people, earning a passive income to pay bills, or starting a creative online business.

If you feel the reason behind that’s making you at work today is lifeless, you should consider a reset to reconnect your goals to be passionate at what you do again.

A recap to these goals settings can make you figure out what passion you’re following and capable of. (your strengths)


To work consistently and producing better results at work, we need to know what are

4) Trying to do everything by yourself

Sometimes it just gets sooo much better when you work with your mates. You’re lucky if you have a bunch of them that are ready to collaborate and work out their ideas with you.

Connect with your ladies and gentlemen at work to help you relieve a whole load of stress from work.

Honestly, there’s no way to get a perfect partner at work. Everyone has limitations and weaknesses and we just got to embrace these little things and make those plans together.

As when I started to blog, I needed help to make my blog goes online. The point is I have no idea how to self-host a blog to make it my own, not even talking about web hosting and a domain for my roof!

But luckily Siteground fulfilled the services I needed to create a simple WordPress blog, and I just have to buy the domain and get my blog straight online.

So next time when you’re feeling overwhelmed with the work, ask around people that you think could offer the help you needed.

By doing this, you learn to delegate tasks, or even getting a piece of genuine advice from your pal.

5) Less sense of urgency

While we finally have the opportunity to work like a boss at home, it just makes us feel like there’s never a deadline to meet on the other end.

Our work and effort are seemed to be put off due to having a longer period of time to work comfortably at our own means. It’s about this and that when we started to work all things together, s l o w l y.

Eventually, no task stick around after hours of sitting around the desk, just maybe because you’re watching the TV when doing your job. And that should not be it!

You’ll feel desaturated once you stare at your computer for hours without doing much.


You should have an organized planner to help you set time phases at work and prioritize what should be done today.

6) Investing emotional energy on things you can’t control

Just a single bad day can destroy your happiness of an entire day.

There are so many things we’re trying to cope with in life today, especially when dealing with ourselves.

Understand that there’s so much more to discover in this world and you should not get annoyed with tiny little matters in your life.

You deserve a good life to live with a healthy mindset that is set free.

That’s why it’s really important to stray away from soap opera’s sad moments or the ups and downs in the entertainment circles to provide yourself the space to learn new skills, accept facts, and work efficiently.

Don’t let yourself worry about the outcome, focus on the goals, and set fire to the work.

When you do so, be amazed by how powerful is it to work with positive energy and even receiving compliments from your hard work!

7) Stayed up late the day before work

Who doesn’t stayed up late even if they know tomorrow there’s an important class or meeting?

But all you need to know is sleeping at 2 a.m. or thereafter is spoiling your health and lowering your immune system shield.

Sometimes you can even feel the dizziness when waking up and just can’t focus for the rest of the day. zzZZ

How is that going to help to be productive and work in an energized mode? Not quite possible and it’s once again making you procrastinate with your tasks to be done.

8) Your gut tells you that productivity is a talent

You admired those who succeeded with productivity hacks and tips that work well with them. But it just feels like it doesn’t fit in your identity.


Therefore, working efficiently has become a myth or a gifted intelligence to somebody else, not something that sticks around with you.

And a good point to remind yourself is that you should start putting away these self-beliefs and ask yourself this question…


If the answer is YES, then bear this idea in mind and plan a working schedule where you can see the plan somewhere near your desk. A simple daily planner help you list your task down and know what should be done in the next hours.

Grab a free 10-day planner template with me and boost your task performance today.

[convertkit form=1396096]

9) Staying in the comfort zones


“I will just chill out in the morning this Saturday.” That’s what we mostly say after a day of tirelessly working in the office.

But wait, it is now surreal that you have to start working from home and earn a living from it.

And you should not be feeling weird to open your laptop and start speaking with your colleagues online.

It’s important to set boundaries and know what are the times you should be completely focused on your work and allow family members to know when they should not disturb you when you’re working.

10) No serious goals and intention are set up

It’s obvious that you won’t get any far if your intention today isn’t to work with all your heart and contribute a lovely work proposal before the deadline.

If you don’t make up your mind to start working while you have time to do it, more and more tasks are going to fill up on your to-do lists and you will be blown away easily by the heavy workload.

Knowing what little goals you are going to achieve this month can make your career take off even if working at home.

Jot down your short term goals to make it before the end of this month.

For example, you are going to complete an outstanding project this month or contribute a smart idea in your work.

Get a productivity planner that sets your motivation and goals to work. You can get more done and feel good at crushing your goals earlier.

Taking these baby steps can help you to build up a system to work smartly as you practice it and you get the motivation to work with the right techniques.

It can save you hours when you track your projects and have a consistent tool to gain your goals better than expected.

That’s it for now!

I hope you learn something from these tips and get back to your work with a refreshed mind. Also, don’t forget to chill out on a Sunday morning routine after your work to recharge mind and soul this weekend. All the best in what you do! 😉

Leave me a comment and share why you’ve been struggling to make working days productive at home. I’d love to hear from you and give you some tips and advice if you don’t mind. See you in the next post!

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  1. Some of these are so me right now! I definitely needed a reminder that I need to get organized, and stay off of social media in order to be productive! Thanks!

    1. Hey Cynthia, it’s good to know that you’re to shifting yourself to a better mindset on your work! And I believe you can achieve things you want to do if you really make a commitment to it. You go gurl!

  2. So true! I struggle with being productive since I’ve started working from home and some of these really resonated with me! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Aww, It’s okay I feel you Calie, trying to working at home and hit that goal! You can do this in a more organized way by learning to manage your time with a schedule plan, even a simple one. Try using the Pomodoro techniques to break down your working routine step by step to work smart and efficiently. Keep going!

  3. Definitely so true I’ve struggled especially being home with my three and home schooling two of them! This has definitely helped thank you ??

    1. Wow, that’s inspiring and I think you’re doing a great job! Start planning your day ahead to get things organized and life will give it’s best for you. Keep going Marie and you’re welcome.

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