10+ Best Resources To Create Stunning Graphics For Blog

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Let’s be honest, I wish I’ve been using these resources/apps to create gorgeous graphic pins since Day 1 on my blog.

If you’re a blogger, artist, creatives, or social influencer looking for growth in your business, you should know it’s important to create amazing graphics to showcase your social media accounts, blog products or services professionally.

Why do you need beautiful graphics on your blog?

The right graphics make all the difference! (and you get more pins clicks and higher hit rates)

There are creators even creating short video pins on their page to increase page views, gaining more followers, and eventually converting their traffic into sales.

As you search on Pinterest these days, it’s easy to tell that a beautiful graphic pin is more appealing than a dull one. Audiences are more likely to click on visually appealing pins before they decided to go on their journey with you.

How can you create stunning graphics quickly?

⭐️ Manage your time and effort

I get it, you are a content creator and are doing multiple tasks to make your blog look essentially complete.

You need to write blog posts, do the research, editing and proofread them and also create that stand out graphic to make people have the interest to read. THAT’S A LOT OF STUFF TO BE TAKEN CARE OF!

The truth is creating the right graphics doesn’t have to be overwhelmed, nor you have to hire a graphic designer to help you do the job. Because you can STILL create an eye-catching graphic with online resources today!

⭐️ Make use of design assets/tools online

With the right design tools, it becomes so easy to create high-quality graphics for your website/blog or businesses. YES, IT DOES!

I’m going to share with you all these amazing tools that are helpful in creating graphics, where you can get royalty-free stock photos and more special graphic design resources without paying a cent.

From there you can create a unique one on your own, no more time consuming to create graphics that stand out from the crowd!

Of course, some of the graphic resources bundle/services here has other paid plans to for you to explore, and this post has included the affiliate links from the companies where I may get a very small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you purchase something through my link. You can read more on my disclosure here.

Any expense will be used to support this blog and allowing me to continue providing free content like this. Thanks for your support!

10+ Best Resources To Create Stunning Graphics For Blog

1) Canva

Canva is by far the best graphic design app I’ve ever used to create a stunning look for my pins on Pinterest, even the logo of my blog!

For bloggers who haven’t try out using Canva to design graphics, I’ll recommend you to really give it a shot.

It is so easy to structure great designs with their tools featuring elements, illustrations, and various kinds of templates to choose from.

They regularly update beautiful templates if you’re looking for the latest designs. It also comes in handy with book cover templates if you plan to design an ebook for your blog.

Besides, it saves you tons of money if you just started out with blogging. It has a free plan for everyone and you don’t have to pay for subscription fees.

Most graphics on Canva are free, but if you would like to have more monetization with premium images to create printables, it’s worth the investment to upgrade Canva as your only graphic tool because it has everything you need to create a flattering design.

2) Creative Market

graphic design assets

Creative Market has lots of graphics templates and illustration assets that are ready for your next creative project.

I especially love how they collaborate with independent artists around the world to create ready-to-use designs that are sooo unique for branding.

If you want to make printables that convert sales pretty well on Etsy, it’s a big advantage to check out this platform as they’re more than just a marketplace that provides graphics illustration.

⭐️ Best on finding fonts, graphic illustration, stock photos and themes

Many add-ons and premium stock photos are also available on their site. The best part of joining them is you get access to 6 graphic design freebies every week.

They are constantly giving away free design resources like mockups, social media templates, fonts, seamless patterns for creators to start creating today.

Powered by Creative Market


I recommend signing up on their email list so you’ll always know what’s the latest freebies they’re offering this week.

Sometimes they will notify you if any design bundles are on a great sale to grab at an affordable price.

This a great example from a 35 set bundle graphics. These collections are great for creating art prints and branding for your blog/social media.

Loading Preview…
Powered by Creative Market

3) Ivory Mix

If you post regularly on social media or take blogging seriously, you’re going to love Ivory Mix! They provide lots of stock membership images for free as a member reward.

All you have to do is just sign up with their email newsletter for good, you get tons of nice photographs that fits perfectly on your blog post.

⭐️ Stock Photos Membership vs. Free royalty photos

As a blogger, I find that using stock photos from free sites like Unsplash to pin my images is not an effective way to generate multiple clicks on Pinterest.

And that’s because too many people are using the exact images for their pins too. This makes Pinterest get confused with the pin and do not know how to rank your pin properly.

Membership stock photos can benefit your pins and make them go viral because not a lot of people get access to these images. These photos look better and are designed to build unique branding. So it really benefits your blog in the long run.

It’s definitely okay to subscribe to them as you’ll receive more super helpful tips on blog growth, social media marketing, etc.

⭐️ >>Free resources from Ivory Mix<<

Grab your free stock photos here
+ Free Stock Photos
+ Stock Photos for Finance Niche
+ Free stock photos for mom and parent blogs
+ Free Stock Photos for Health, Fitness, and Wellness Brands
+ Free Colorful and Creative Stock Photos

4) Over

In 2020, Over is bringing up the trendy design vibes. This popular online app has a simple interface to design no matter Instagram stories, graphic pins to Youtube intro.


It allows non-techie to create and design gorgeous graphics quickly and effortlessly. I’m currently trying out their graphics for my latest pins and honestly, they look great.

⭐️ >>Limited time premium plan<<

Best of all you can get access to their premium graphic templates and fonts now for free until June 30th!

They offer high-quality graphics similar to Canva premium plan so don’t miss out on this great opportunity to get some pretty awesome graphics goods.

Psst: I love their additional tools from shaping fonts, masking, blending to layering my backgrounds, it’s like a mini Adobe Illustrator toolkit you can easily work with, extremely useful!

5) PicMonkey

PicMonkey has an easy-to-use interface for beginners who just started out photo editing and designing graphic pins.

It’s not complicated to create beautiful graphics with their basic design tool.

They are popular with the font vibes, you can find an artsy font up there or upload a custom one to use in your newest design.

Compare to Canva, PicMonkey does have aligned templates prepared for blog content, so the consistency of graphics is there with their powerful tool that allows you to create from scratch.

6) Unsplash

Unsplash has outsourced various kinds of photography taken mainly on a good quality camera for FREE. That’s why so many people went for their stock images to include these royalty-free graphics in their blog posts.

It’s absolutely useful if you can find related images that suit your website content and easily go on from there.

But as the image is taken into full use by people around the web, these images can misinterpret your pins as many are replicating the usage of the same image regularly.

Other free stock library:
Moose – Free personal and commercial use images to download, just make sure to link back to their website.

7) Craftwork Designs

This platform offers royalty-free illustrations for startup creators or busy designers to let their graphic workflow go smoothly with UI design.

These illustrations are styled with characters, objects in a particular scene.

You’ll find these sources of images helpful when trying to explain formal issues with a more pleasurable and engaging graphic style.

Partnering up with multiple types of design services, their membership can be costly but you get their new free assets for an entire year.

So it’s only affordable if you’re looking for a colorful yet playful illustration scheme to represent your blog.

Download a be mindful with me illustration demo for $0, it’s free!
Grab 20+ unique scenes free for personal and commercial use illustrations from Craftwork Designs.

8) Story Tale

Story Tale sounds once upon a time, yet it’s actually a brand new illustration kit where you can find cool visual designs for graphics and animations.

They are still building up their community and growing fast by offering free minimalistic images featuring “less is more” content.

You can also order custom illustration from them to create visually appealing graphics that fit in your web/app design.

9) 99Designs

99Designs: Creative art & illustration design

Founded in 2008, this leading design industries has all things creative you need! Their mission is to make your design look more impactful and professional with a little fun! It’s really creativity at work in this global design marketplace.

You can make great design work by connecting with professional designers to help designing logos, website templates, or packaging designs to build your successful online business brand.

They even have a design resource center for creators to discover tips and inspirations to create amazing designs.

Your creative learning outlet
Check out 15 creative wallpapers for free download on your desktop and iPhone.
Here’s a field guide about the right usage on stock image licenses (and how to protect yourself)
Learn how to build an online business in 8 simple steps

Bonus: >> Grab your FREE design consultation! <<

>>Free Design Consultation from 99Designs<<

10) Freepik

Freepik is my other go-to website to search for featured and sponsored graphics for creating infographics and images for blog posts. They have professional ready-to-use vector illustrations with various styles to choose from.


I always look for the hand-drawn illustrations that look pretty with my content. They are lovely to use when creating a featured image for blog posts.

All you need to do is just attribute them in anywhere of your blog post to show some love to these creators.

11) Flaticon

Flaticon is always the best place to look for unique icons for your graphic posts.

Sometimes you just need that symbolic icon that represents a whole load of information. I’ve always been using them to create small iconic designs for my embroidery art graphics.


You can download unlimited free icon package from Flaticon once sign up with your Google account.

With 2 millions (and more) icon choices, there’s no icon you can’t find on flaticon. They just build up a family filled with icons. Some are extremely cute illustrations for decorations on your blog.


However, these icons are limited for personal use if you’re on a free plan. An attribute at the credits section is fine for them or go premium! (to get away the attribution links)

12) dafont.com

Any font lovers here who doesn’t know about dafont.com?! But yes they do offer pretty fonts for creators. However, these fonts are most if not all for personal use.

Which means you can only use them to print a greeting card for your friend, you can’t sell them and earn money with it.


If you really want to use them on blog services, purchase a full license for that particular font to get an extended usage for it.

Need a commercial-free font? Check out Font Squirrel for a list of them. 100% free fonts for commercial use.

That’s all you need to create stunning graphics!

I hope you find some of these graphic resources/tools helpful and be able to start creating what you love and enjoy what you create with the world.

Let me know if you think there are any useful tools that come in handy for designing authentic and beautiful graphics on your blog or social media.

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