Design Your Life Starting From Today: A Better Future Diary

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Living without purpose can be very exhausting over time.

You’ll have lack of motivation to do what you should be doing.

or even what you want to accomplish.

You’ll not give yourself time and the confidence to achieve the things you want.

It always feel easier to just go back to sleep

If you have the same kind of feeling whenever you begin with something new or is already move you forward,

you probably don’t need motivation/ passion to push yourself, but knowing your purpose can certainly make your dreams alive again.

So let’s find out how learning to design your life can make you be more productive, with clarity and a better mindset to achieve your goals in life.

design the future diary life

Begin with your life purpose

I’m sure that you are here today because you are certain that something needs to be improved in your life.

Whether its becoming better at what you do, feeling good about your work, or learning how to live/treat your life with balance.

There are so many things that we will want to hope for the better everyday, but it’s always in the future.

I have so many things that I think if I could do better, the result will go better than what I have now.

The problem is,

I always just think.

And it always the sense of overthinking makes things harder to flow. For example, thinking about how I want to draw better and improve my painting skills.

I always end up not starting after using all the time refining ideas, waiting for the right time to do the things I want.

Today I want to talk about how finding your life purpose can led you create bigger and wholesome things you would like have in your future.

For me, having a purpose in life doesn’t mean you know every steps you want to take to reach your goals, but its what pushes you to the limit where you start feeling energized.

Where you feel it’s just the beginning, and you are excited for this.

That’s why the purpose has to be meaningful to me at a certain point as iit will be what I want to achieve along the journey.

10 Steps To Design The Meaningful Life You Want

1. Find out your anti-vision

I recently just got to know about how you can envision about the future that you would NOT like to be in.

This way of thinking opens another world to a person who would only think about goals as something to be great to achieve + how some dreams can become overwhelming.

Knowing your anti-vision means asking yourself this question:

What would you not want to see yourself working on/ doing after 20 years?

For me, it’s writing blog posts as a day to day job.

Because I will start staring at a blank page and I hate making blog posts as if its an administration work!

So there are many things I could get a clear picture after asking myself this question.

Figuring out what you want to create in your future

I realise how this simple question makes us prioritize the important things/things that matter in our life.

It made me learnt how we don’t hate working, but more specifically why we want to have our own time for more experience other than it.

We are pursuing a better life because we want to live better, staying with our loved ones and make time for our own.

It’s so important to learn about what you really prioritise for your life goal in order to move towards it.

This also makes me figure out two things:

  • how I actually think it’s important to create the life I am happy with.
  • I want to have the ability to make choices and live a better lifestyle in the future

That is the power of anti-visioning what you won’t want to see yourself in the future.

It’s not to let you feel scarcity when asking yourself this question, but rather gaining momentum for what you want to pursue in your journey.

2. Creating the value

Your journey

Everyone has to go through lots of adventures and difficulties to create their the version of future life.

No one has an exemption to this and nothing is passive when you’re moving towards your goal.

But you always get to choose work with the value you want to present in along the way.

And this value is what that will always push you further and make it more effortless to start taking action.

The value

Search for the value of things you are excited to see them in your future.

The things can be materialistic or not at all!

Remember it all falls upon the choices we make and we want to see ourselves joy at.

Ask this question when you want to move on to a new quest,

What goal will you feel happy if it’s achieved?

Ps: (even if simple things)

A lists of notes can help you figure out what values you care more about:

  • Make an impact in the world
  • Treating yourself a delicious dinner
  • Buying gifts for family
  • Take an adventure when you want to
  • Feeling less stress about your work
  • Have a balance between life and work

Your goal can ultimately make you be better and focus on what you want to create in the future.

So knowing what you want is the best way to move towards the goal!

Many of them were things you want to help people or support yourself more.

Do not be afraid to know about the values and the perspective you see in the world, because its your greatest potential to make things happen!

Your talent

By meaning talent, it doesn’t mean one requires great talent to design a life they love.

I’m sure you agree with this, because working hard has always been a big component in success.

Some said talent is the 1% you might be born with, and the rest 99% depends on the effort you put into work.

And it seems to be a big factor how we always work harder for the future we want to build.

Other than that, we don’t necessary have enough energy, passion and the inner strength to work through problems and facts along the journey.

But the thing is, we always find people with success like they’re born with talent, they do not work hard to value who they are today.

But is that true?

You need talent to create art.

You need a better environment for the big things you are doing.

You need money to start a business.

You need to make yourself know everything before you start.

You need this to do that.

This often makes us has a good reason not starting out.

It’s like blocking the way of success from the beginning!

How you think provides you the key to success.

We often don’t think ourselves as lucky as someone and need more assurance to start thinking about the experience we haven’t had before.

The truth is doesn’t require so much things to do the talking, you need to only understand what you value and take the action to create the things you want in life.

Start out first, your talent will come by starting out.

This can literally be applied on everything you do and bring hope for tomorrow!

So how do you know if you have a talent for something?

I’m sure that you have, because everybody has their own way of forming ideas, perspective and the talent being born from their values.

Oh, I also hope you didn’t think that designing a better future requires you a talent.

Talent does not take itself this way down the road.

We’ll talk more about how discovering your talent can help you do more in the future.

3. The 80/20 rule

By answering the values you see yourself with above, I hope that you’re having a good time understanding who you want to be and what do you care most about.

Now it’s time to delegate the tasks that proceeds with your life goals.

Did you know that 80% of outcome is mostly coming from the 20% of decision you make in life?

People do work hard to achieve the dreams they want. But they also start working smarter to gain clarity and direction for pathway they are heading to.

If you need some work & lifestyle balance from today ahead, starting with the 80/20 rule puts you at ease.

Learn to focus on the bigger picture

focus on bigger landscape picture

What is the last memory you can recall failing on something?

Will you start tackling from other perspective if you could redo the tasks?

I hope you will, for example doing tasks without making decisions that feel like moving on the needle – a never ending timeline.

That’s a big loop you won’t want to struggle with. Feeling strangled and held by responsibility.

Because you need to know that you want to live, and even though time is limited – as human we want to have the freedom to live more and gain beautiful experience.

It doesn’t really make sense if you think about having no regrets on things that you can improve if you were to do it again.

Failing is necessary and as a stepping stone, great for us to met in a journey.

But speculating a bit can bring us more insights to succeed in the forward way.

Taking the lesson and move on

Being able to move on in life is the best way to bring out benefits of the 80/20 rule.

By taking chances to make decisions that will bring a greater return, your effort will show you more growth in your work.

Thus, you will be more likely to:

  • have a plan for your goals (not abandon it)
  • reach your achievements with momentum

So think of if only you have 20% of opportunity to make the most out of the goals you want to reach, what steps should you first take to reach closer?

Those can be difficult things you will see to take action, but it’s only when focusing on doing those things make you the very most progress!


20% effort = 80 result

80% effort = 20% result

You can see which one is the bigger picture to lean on.

Chase the life you want imagining having with that max 20% of effort, and see what you can produce with that.

4. Learn to transform talent into something you do

Knowing your talent isn’t a hard thing to realize after all.

I mean maybe you see a lot of people who are talented today, you already depict that talent means you do not have first realise them in order to create beautiful things/message.

Because other people (or you) already see them as a talent.

What does it have to do with your talent and for a better future?

Everything we proceed in life has different purposes (with our own values) and passion is always something we couldn’t get away from continuing to produce the beautiful message to the world.

Even if we do not necessarily have a talent.

Especially if you are a lazy person like me, it’s those passion or talent-like instinct that can make you go a further one step.

I wouldn’t have motivation to sit down and work on mathematics at all if it wasn’t for the exams. (unless I can love the process)

It’s a very tiny chances you will consistently work on something you don’t love to do and run to explore more of it.

That’s why transforming your talent into something you do can make you take the last straw you have.

Discovering your talent is the same way

It’s not reinventing the wheel or taking thousands/ millions to have it.

But it may take you time to reinvest in the talent you want to see yourself in.


Your discoverable talent

What do you most look forward to when you have time to make things on your own?

The answer to this question is the discoverable talent you should start explore!

5. Explore the experience you haven’t tried before

Trying out new experiences can often lead us to a brand new journey.

It also instil inspirations in our life and make us wonder the world a little more.

Once you have started to pick up the talent you wish to improve at, it’s always good to keep your mind open to fresh experiences so that you truly know what you want to embrace/care about in life.

And then you can pivot to the field you wish to explore more for your nature.

There’s never a right or wrong pathway when progressing towards the journey of you creating a better future.

Gaining more experiences in life can give you a good insight about what works in the world and how can you solve a problem if something does not work.

Like travelling, these experiences can give us time to heal/deal with many aspects in our life.

We often feel happy on a holiday just because it’s a newly discovered adventure that has so much more for us to sense, without fear and stress.

Taking challenges in life works the same way.

Being able to take on a challenging quest or a whole new experience no matter when young/old make us to stay creative and be proud with we what we can do with our abilities.

So do not let fear take over your dreams because it isn’t worth it.

If you tried or asked, there will be a good chance to reach whatever you’re up to.

6. Create the perfect day you envisioned

creating art paint

If ever you could make up your mind thinking about your perfect day,

Would you be happy?

I hope it’s a yes for you.

Because that’s why we’re here talking about designing for the better future.

Think about what you’ll be glad to do in a day, anything that excites you, reading a book, or even just drinking tea // taking care houseplants.

Mine is just making some arts on a cozy day.

This should be one of the main thing that’s going let you feel good and wholesome to design your future life.

To create the perfect day you envision, there’s really nothing more that can help decide what is going to be best for you.

Because you know what the best day look like to you, whether it be productive, cozy or just have fun for a day.

However, organizing your day and not sitting down on the couch watching a whole day TV show will show you more appreciation.

You feel more abundant and fulfill with what you do in a day.

7. Moving towards your goals


The direction

Take action that’s moving on to align your goals so that you make sure you’re happy with the progress.

This can make you feel less anxious when taking steps to move towards a goal.

For example, on a free day you would have the time to do anything you want, but you don’t really have a plan to start out things.

Eventually it’s easy to end up doing leisure activities or just sitting on couch all day.

There’s nothing wrong from this.

We all need time to chill when there’s time for ourselves. That’s a big part of a reason why we are working hard creating the best life for ourselves.

But what if you want to start out something on the day you’re free?

  • You feel like being more productive and keep track with whatever you want to do
  • You have so many ideas that you want to try out on a Saturday

At that moment, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all sorts of incoming inspiration.

Not to mention that the phone notification can be waking you up a few times when you’re cultivating those ideas.

And at the end, it’s all caught up on Instagram.

Oh no, a day is wasted and all the guilty emotions makes us not feeling less guilty.

Think about your goal

Having some major goals you want to achieve in life is great. However, you know that it needs to be outgrew with your effort and time invested in that particular subject.

Nothing comes too easily and action doesn’t start out that hard.

It all comes from what you desire and how long do you want to start seeing growth.

When feeling lost about what to do on a lazy Saturday,

  • Do things that will move you closer to your goals
  • Be patient with the process/ experience / lessons you gain even though it’s not what you expected

Remember the result we want to get always lied under the experience we gave ourselves.

Going through experiences and trials are one way to make us feel more capable the next time.

Your process matters, because over time you develop skillsets through progress and that knowledge you gain cannot be taken away from anyway.

Giving back

We’ve talked long about taking away good notes, information, knowledge, the perfect skills that you want to improve in life.

It’s definitely exciting that you should be building a life you love so that you can reach them and be happy.

Talk to people you care and share your journey with them to motivate each other in the hopes of becoming better.

In the meantime, you can make sure to keep yourself on track!

8. Let go perfectionism

It’s easy to get lost in perfectionism if you do not learn to lift up things that don’t make you move forward.

Perfectionism doesn’t mean giving up, nor distracting you to present a better version of you as a whole.

When you deal with perfectionism, often is that you find things/words repeatedly resconstructed until you find the one ‘you think’ is best, but literally you have lost the initial goal you want to reach already.

This is the perfectionism that can held us back from freeing ourselves and thoughts.

Of course, in the end everyone has different opinions with perfectionism.

There must be something in life (that the value) is what you cannot let go to make the world feel complete.

Because as humans we also need validation from ourselves. Somethings are not just about/ to care about how people depicts.

It is us forming values and opinions of our own let us be us.

That is not holding back, but rather keeping pieces in our mind to make us a complete self.

So, only let go perfectionism at a point where you feel better each time doing it and are not looking for more validation.

9. Follow your heart

No matter you haven’t or have had an ultimate goal to achieve today, understanding your own situation can always give hint to yourself.

Your passion for something isn’t going to be there as always.

So always consider what you take into account about your goals and how you want to make things easier to begin.

Give yourself time

Let yourself be free with what you love to do and discover more about the field that you like to involved in.

It doesn’t matter if it contributes to your ultimate goal or not, because you will learn something new every time you encounter a new quest.

So take your time to pursue the things that matters to you, if you don’t have any, exploring them is a great way to start any.

10. Take the journey

And all of this comes down to the ultimate goal – how we want to live our life and make it count.

As cheesy as it sound, we all want to have the opportunity to live life with choices we can make and be happy with it.

Just as simple as that.

Learning to start a journey provides us the opportunity to discover what is best for us.

In the end, every journey has its challenges and sweet times that we will experience by committing fully to them.

It’s those moments that make us become better at our own capabilities by embracing mistakes/ and celebrating acheivements we’ve made.

So stop worrying about what’s the worst if you’ve waste time spending on your next project/work.

Because it really isn’t when you are already in the process of learning something new.

The best way to learn a new skill is to take the action.

As long as you are happy with what you do/ or is moving towards your goal, the rest are just chapters to walk you through the experience!

Getting transform into the better

I hope you can see that transformation does not come up in a day, or even a year when building the future you want to.

It’s the same for the content of this blog post, the way I write isn’t necessary the easiest/ or a better form to understand.

Because writing for a few months doesn’t tranform me into a great writer just that.

It all requires consistent hardwork and effort to make things a little brighter.

Just like how you’ve get to see to this post today and have a kind read up to here!

A three year period

They say 3 years can tell a lot of things about someone’s effort on a journey.

3 years of consistently working on your favourite – you are empowered with the skillset and knowledge to build that dream.

It probably requires more than that if you are still worrying.

But even if you’re not close, you can tell that gaining those experiences are invaluable.

You are heading to the place that will reach your dreams.

And that gives you a whole new journey to start building the life & future you’d love to.

Start doing what you would love to include in your future life.

You are the one that has freedom to make this decision of your own.

The day I plant the seed is not the day I eat the fruit.

I’m also writing this to remind myself how it takes steps to achieving dreams in life. It’s not going to be a fast track, but rather a slow-paced journey progressively moving towards the goals I see myself joy with.

To this post, I write and review so that I can always come back to know what progress have I been up to.

Thank you so much for reading!

If you would like to share what you’ve learn through your journey,

Comment down below and I would be glad to know your thoughts! : )

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