[2020] Work From Home Ideas That Really Pays

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Find out these proven ways that are available online to make a side hustle today! These are the easier ways I found helpful if you want to make money from home to supplement your income in 2020.

[UPDATE] Start earning your $1 per survey today! (Money directly sent into your mail) Read on for more!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate referral links, which means we make a small commission, at no additional cost to you, if you decided to take part in these programs. Have a good day!

Since you are reading this, I’m sure that you are looking for realistic ways that legit pays you to make a side income during this coronavirus period.

And you are right! There are really part time jobs that actually pays through online with no technical experience required.

You can even turn these side hustles into a full income business by building up these passive income.

So do not afraid to start small and you’ll get the money by starting with these ways that bring profit.

Below are some of the ways I have personally encountered and think that it’s really worth to try out.

If you need some extra cash to support yourself today, no harm trying out these ways that pays you everyday by putting up some effort now.

Let’s get dive in!

MobrogStart A Blog

There are countless ways to make money online today and whether you are are trying to get out of debt, or want to make some extra cash today as a teenager, here is the ideal place you are finding to meet your goals.

What You’ll Need To Start

A phone, computer or desktop that is accessible to a speedy Internet would be best to start working from home today.

Work From Home Ideas


Earn $1 USD directly through completion of a single survey

Disclosure: This is my personal experience and opinion 100% on my own.

It wasn’t feeling surreal until I got this message from my email inbox in the morning.

Payment Proof from Surveytime (immediately got paid)

For the first time that I’m getting a payment directly because of an effort made within a period of time.

I was hooked and surprised!

The money is sent into my Paypal account. Even though it’s just a single $1 USD which is fairly a small payment, as a school leaver I felt happy to be able to earn that money.

More about my story to earn a living online: ( you can skip this and reach the main point if you’re not interested )

I was actually participating in surveys and polls online after upon graduate from highschool, which I’m legally to make money online. (wasn’t earning any bucks before then)

And so I quickly did a search up about what kind of online jobs to make some extra cash fast legally.

At that point, I got many offers from companies that mention I’ll be getting a pay out by answering surveys- only if I reach an amount of point limit.

So meaning there’s no way to be getting paid right away.

Until I was feeling frustrated taking part in surveys that keep screening me out, Surveytime appears as another survey company I can enroll in under offerwalls from PrizeRebel.

I never hesitate to join it and immediately fill up my profile and get ready to start my next survey.

*Good news I got several surveys after the registration.*

Here’s the funny part: I didn’t know I would get a $1 dollar as a reward. Instead I thought it was just the system directing me to another company to answers survey for accummulating points of my main PrizeRebel account.

And out of the blue, when their company rewarded me with the dollar $$, I realized their motto is to allow users to earn $1 instantly!

That’s why I further look up to their survey opportunity every time I have free time to scroll my phone. Cause I know it’s important to start building my passive income now. (Even a small one, don’t judge :))

How good is earning with Surveytime?

What I can say about Survey time is that their survey has more quality overall and you often get qualified if your profile matches their companies’ needs.

FYI: Surveytime uses advanced algorithm and this could increase chances for them to find more survey opportunities for you.

And here is some of my other payment proof every another day,

2nd payment proof in account
Another payment again!

There’s no limit for you to take part in how many surveys you want answer per day, so there are many more $1 awaiting you to earn.

I’ve been logging in to their dashboard frequently to check out if they have another survey available.

So if you need some extra bucks to support yourself or buy something you love…

Sign up with my link below and get paid $1 instantly with Surveytime once the completion of a survey.


Earn $20 (or more) with PrizeRebel by accumulating points

PrizeRebel has been providing cash, gift cards and many digital prizes internationally since 2007, so they are quite a trustworthy site if you’re wondering.

You can fill up surveys, offerwall/interesting polls, and earn as many points as you want.

Every 1000 points would be cash out into $10 and you can simply set your goal at a certain point to claim your prize.

From my experience, you usually get credited for around 70-90 points for each survey. (depending on the company)

Here are some points I got from my PrizeRebel account to cash out real USD money.

It’s a win-win situation for you

If you are willing to take time answering questions for these survey companies, know that your opinions help them to improve their products/services and they will give back the credit to you.

That means the more surveys you complete, the more likely you have the chance to cash out the money. 🙂

And no worries for banking in problems, as all the money will be transferred through Paypal.

Fill up surveys and polls are the easiest way that I found to make money online by giving out my opinions. This company has paid me the second round which I get to cash out real money once I reach the goal set up.

And it means you get to cash out a lot more than you think.

Use my link below and start earning your cash right away.


Earn this $0.35 with MOBROG Surveys

At Mobrog, you can actively participate in different kinds of surveys to earn USD cash online.

By adding up details to your profile, companies will look for surveys that match your interest. That’s an add up point if you’re looking for shorter surveys that suits you more.

However, it will more likely take some time for their system to generate new surveys for accounts. Generally, you will have to just wait for their invitation incoming from their inbox unless you try out with their other links opportunities.

You can always redeem your cash with Paypal or Skrill by collecting just an amount of 6.25 USD. (there’s no limit to cash out per day)

Usually they are paying between $0.50 to $3 per survey.

*I got 2.08 USD per survey before, so it slightly depends on companies that chose the survey for you.

After signing up the registration, you’ll get emails incoming to your inbox to take part in online surveys.

[UPDATE]: Here’s my 2nd redeemed reward with Mobrog, it’s worth a try if you are looking to work from home.

Get paid out by taking parts in market research surveys while it’s still available!


Partner with Toluna to earn more (by browsing)

Toluna just started their consumer insight program where you can earn points and redeem cash by just browsing webpages as usual monthly and get credited.

It’s a great way to earn extra points and get rewarded with real cash without doing surveys online.

Rest assured, the add-on on your mobile gadgets are safe and easy to participate without affecting the performance of your device.

Take your first survey on Toluna app today!

By taking part in this program, you get to earn additional points by enrolling as an exclusive consumer influencer, check out more about the program here.

Besides, there are also surveys and lottery contest to participate in to redeem EXTRA money per month.

That’s why what I can see here is there’s really no harm getting into this side hustles that allows you to earn more monthly.

Get some money/real bucks from Toluna while the survey last. 😉

Another legitimate way for you to get money fast by giving out your opinions on interesting local topics. They are an international company which will find out which surveys fits your profile.

Before everything happens, they immediately send you the first survey once you sign up with them. (with a free BONUS sign up point of 100)

The topics they researched with their surveys are mainly about the latest news/issues happening all around the world. ( including your opinion to COVID-19)

In fact, yesterday I just received a survey by email from YouGov and has successfully earned points!

That was a happy thing and I’m looking forward with more survey invitations incoming 🙂

Join YouGov to redeem cash via Paypal or exclusive prizes that are waiting for you. Sign up today to start working from home online.

Start A Blog

Create a WordPress blog and build your passive income today

If you are looking forward to quitting your 9-6 job in the office, this is a chance for you to build passive income by blogging.

It is possible to earn more income by starting a blog nowadays. (or even build a full-time income!)

But here is the point, you got to make this happen if you really wish to craft a better future ahead.

Starting a blog in 2020 is the best investment you can make as to increase your income without working with the endless hours and help you to make more than a living.

To start blogging, you need a web hosting server to get your blog online and if you don’t know yet, I personally use Siteground to create my blog. Their customer service is so reliable and my site is running well with them. 🙂

P.S: I started this blog 2 months ago and have started to build my passive income with blogging!

I mean you should definitely try this out and start making money by blogging if you are struggling with these reasons…

Read my top 10 reasons that you should start a blog today here!

There is still a big pool of opportunities waiting for you to explore by blogging in this digital age – make a full-time income by creating your blog.

You can start earning with affiliate marketing today by sharing the products or services you love with brands or companies including:

  • Siteground – get a web host and start building your own blog!
  • Amazon – All sorts of products related to your blog niche

And I am going to share this guide with you, on how to start a blog in 2020 to let you reach your money goals by creating passive income today step-by-step.

By planning to build up a profitable blog, more fun and excitable journey are waiting for you to discover, it’s like a million-dollar dream waiting ahead of you.

But it takes time and the right technique to take you there.

Grab the chance or not? It all depends on you.

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Leave a comment and let me know how you proceed with these working from home ideas.

I hope you benefit from these ways and start to build up your passive income to create a better life for yourself. 😉

See you in the next productivity post!

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    1. You’re welcome, I hope these helps you to earn some extra cash whenever you need!

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